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Red Rock

Red Rock Defies Industry Trends Through LED Upgrade

Jenna McEachern June 20, 2017 609 Views 0 Comments blog

In a city that thrives on competition, casinos and resorts in Las Vegas understand that to be the best you must constantly look for ways to engage your customers more than the casino next door. And in an age of…

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The Beauty and Power of NanoLumens’ NIXEL Series™

Joe'N Lloyd June 13, 2017 1301 Views 0 Comments blog

Just recently, we took some time to re-introduce the ENGAGE Series™, our award winning Narrow Pixel Pitch displays; but there is no reason to stop there because if you are looking for flexible, curved displays, then you can’t miss our…

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LED display church content

LED Display Content Moves Congregants at Perimeter Church

Joey Davis May 23, 2017 3471 Views 0 Comments blog

Much has been written about the persuasive qualities of digital signage content. Even though it’s one of the most effective tools in marketing to sell products and services to consumers, we often overlook its ability to actually move people’s hearts…

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Narrow Pixel pitch

NanoLumens’ ENGAGE Series™

Joe'N Lloyd May 3, 2017 1917 Views 0 Comments blog

Rediscover NanoLumens Narrow Pixel Pitch Displays NanoCurve, NanoSlim or even the NanoSlim Engage. If you know these terms, then you know NanoLumens. But you may have noticed these products are a bit harder to find; that’s because you spoke, and…

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NanoLumens Fights for American Jobs in Washington, DC

Paul England April 26, 2017 2443 Views 0 Comments blog

NanoLumens recently sent a team up to Washington, DC to help advance the technology industry in the United States. During a three-day visit, NanoLumens leaders attended technology events, met with Members of Congress from Georgia, and took up the topics…

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LED Display museum

The Rejuvenation of Madame Tussauds through LED Display

Joe'N Lloyd April 17, 2017 6721 Views 0 Comments blog

There’s retail, and then there’s Times Square. With more than 700,000 pedestrians passing through this over-amped, highly coveted corner of Manhattan real estate on the busiest days, it takes more than a sign to get noticed. For the world famous,…

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