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NanoLumens Fights for American Jobs in Washington, DC

Paul England April 26, 2017 547 Views 0 Comments blog

NanoLumens recently sent a team up to Washington, DC to help advance the technology industry in the United States. During a three-day visit, NanoLumens leaders attended technology events, met with Members of Congress from Georgia, and took up the topics…

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LED Display museum

The Rejuvenation of Madam Tussauds through LED Display

Joey Davis April 17, 2017 1425 Views 0 Comments blog

There’s retail, and then there’s Times Square. With more than 700,000 pedestrians passing through this over-amped, highly coveted corner of Manhattan real estate on the busiest days, it takes more than a sign to get noticed. For the world famous,…

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Basketball With the Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital Foundation

Joey Davis April 13, 2017 1327 Views 0 Comments blog

Love affairs with sports usually begin during childhood and last a lifetime. For the passionate among us who aren’t lucky enough to play, just watching a game can bring immeasurable joy. But giving others the opportunity to watch a game just might be the most rewarding experience of all.

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digital signage

Knowledge is Key When There’s Digital Signage in Your Future

Joey Davis April 12, 2017 2289 Views 0 Comments blog

Digital signage is a relatively new technology that’s growing at a rapid pace. The advent of DVDs in the 1990s was the catalyst that propelled the display industry from VHS-powered cathode-ray-tube TV monitors to true digitally enhanced flat panel displays….

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NanoLumens Honored With Local Awards

Joey Davis March 28, 2017 1536 Views 0 Comments blog

When walking into the lobby of the NanoLumens corporate headquarters, our glass shelves of awards are pretty hard to miss. Running the gamut of local community recognition and accolades from the LED display industry as a whole, these trophies and…

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Acuity Insurance

Using LED Displays to Heighten Employee Engagement

Joe'N Lloyd March 7, 2017 3001 Views 0 Comments blog

Wisconsin-based Acuity Insurance is the embodiment of free market capitalism and the realization of the American dream. The property and casualty insurer is growing rapidly, operating in 25 states and managing more than $3.5 billion in assets. The company credits…

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