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The State of Retail 2017: Your Customer is Your Brand

Joey Davis February 14, 2017 365 Views 0 Comments blog

Walking through the great halls of NRF this year, it would have been easy to become overwhelmed with the endless supply of new retail tools and technology. But, despite all of the disparate devices and software on display, a central…

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wayfinding concourse digital signage

Wayfinding Blades: 5 Reasons They’re a Game Day Winner

Joey Davis February 7, 2017 409 Views 0 Comments blog

Regardless of who they’re cheering for, sports fans can all agree on one thing: The cost of attending games has skyrocketed. While smart stadium and arena owners are replacing outdated scoreboards with visually immersive display technology to attract and engage…

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Nanolumens’ Presence Will Be Felt at DSE’s Apex Awards

Joey Davis February 2, 2017 441 Views 0 Comments blog

Designed to recognize innovation in digital display & interactive technology installations and the creation of compelling viewer content, Digital Signage Expos’s (DSE) APEX Awards have honored many companies for their achievements over the years. For 2017, NanoLumens is proud and…

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Digital Out of Home

Trends in Digital Out of Home Advertising in 2017

Joey Davis January 31, 2017 594 Views 0 Comments blog

Digital Out of Home (DOOH) advertising is becoming ubiquitous. Digital billboards and displays are quickly replacing traditional print advertising in every place imaginable — from signage along interstates to airports and shopping malls, even your neighborhood bus shelter. And, the…

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AWARE display management NanoLumens

How Audio Visual Dealers & Integrators Benefit From AWARE

Joey Davis January 24, 2017 700 Views 0 Comments blog

With the recent AWARE launch, marketing buzz, and press coverage, you have probably wondered “What does this mean or do for me as an integrator?” First off, AWARE is a hardware-enabled software-as-a-service (cloud based) display management platform. It seamlessly combines…

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Fine Pitch LED

The Reliable Future for Ultra-Fine Pitch LED

Joey Davis January 16, 2017 417 Views 0 Comments blog

Fine Pitch and Ultra-Fine Pitch high resolution LED displays are continuing to explode in applications and orders.  Last month in fact, a single display opportunity for a 1.25mm pixel pitch LED display in the US pushed over $5M.  Opportunities for…

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Digital signage LED displays

LED Displays Are Amping up the Visuals in Casinos

Joey Davis January 10, 2017 486 Views 0 Comments blog

With so much lights and fanfare in the average casino, gaming companies are constantly looking for ways to up the ante. The big challenge today is attracting younger players from Generation X and Millennials to the gaming pool. Their boomer…

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LED displays rail transportation

Crisp, Clear LED Displays for Safe Rail Transportation

Joey Davis January 4, 2017 651 Views 0 Comments blog

Rail transportation in America isn’t important only for moving people from one place to another. It’s also big business upon which much of American industry relies. In fact, according to the Association of American Railroads, freight railroads support 1.5 million…

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