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4 Reasons Why Digital Displays are Taking Over Retail Signage

Joey Davis August 15, 2017 398 Views 0 Comments blog

In today’s dynamic retail climate, traditional signage is no longer a financially responsible investment, since it frequently needs to be replaced and struggles to capture consumers’ interest when competing with more modern digital displays. Consumers need to be captivated, and…

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digital signage colors

Digital Signage Content: Using Color to Evoke the Right Emotions

NanoLumens July 26, 2017 1520 Views 0 Comments blog

The Institute for Color Research published a study concluding that people make lasting judgements about content within their first 90 seconds of exposure, with a disproportionate share of this judgement dictated by the colors the content employs in conveying its…

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Hy-Vee Grocery

Hy-Vee Brings Company History to Life with Dazzling LED Displays

NanoLumens July 18, 2017 2174 Views 0 Comments blog

Lighting up arenas and captivating customers at shopping malls and airports, LED displays continue to grow in popularity for enterprising businesses looking to boost their bottom line. These electrifying displays ignite crowds, inspire consumers, and enchant imaginations, driving business forward in…

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LED touchscreen

Let’s Stay in Touch

Joey Davis July 12, 2017 3242 Views 0 Comments blog

“Come on, come on, come on now touch me babe!” Maybe Jim Morrison had it right way back in 1969 – a simple touch can change things. Seems we’re hearing more and more about touch on LED displays lately, but…

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Curved LED Display

The One and Only Real Curved LED Displays

Doug Price July 5, 2017 3711 Views 0 Comments blog

From the flagship locations of your favorite retailers to the corporate campuses of the most iconic brands, curved LED displays are making a major impact. But the simple fact remains: there is only one real curve. In the wild, the…

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Bed Bath Beyond LED Display

Bed Bath and Beyond Wins with NanoLumens

Joey Davis June 27, 2017 5058 Views 0 Comments AVI, blog

Too often, real estate development is only thought of in economic terms. While a property’s profit margin is certainly important, there are other factors that contribute to a building’s overall success. That’s why each year the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce…

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The Beauty and Power of NanoLumens’ NIXEL Series™

Joe'N Lloyd June 13, 2017 3404 Views 0 Comments blog

Just recently, we took some time to re-introduce the ENGAGE Series™, our award winning Narrow Pixel Pitch displays; but there is no reason to stop there because if you are looking for flexible, curved displays, then you can’t miss our…

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