Miami Heat, NanoLumens Share Fan Engagement Secrets at InfoComm 2017

Joey Davis June 7, 2017 43 Views 0 Comments News Room

NanoLumens LED Display content creationThe Miami Heat is a young team on the rise in the NBA with a loyal fan base that sells out most of their games at AmericanAirlines Arena, so fan engagement is strong. But team officials noticed a long-standing problem and needed a solution: they were blessed with 30,000 square feet of usable space outside AmericanAirlines Arena but weather in south Florida ranges from too hot to too wet, thanks to the “daily dump of rain,” as Heat EVP and chief revenue officer John Vidalin describes it.

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Utilizing Technology to Create ‘Experience Shopping’

Joey Davis May 16, 2017 77 Views 0 Comments News Room

In this exclusive interview with Installation International, NanoLumens VP of global retail, Matt Nurre, reveals more about experience shopping and how it’s the only way bricks and mortar retailers can compete with online shopping and the Amazon behemoth.

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Crisp, Clear Digital Signage for Safe Rail Transportation

Joey Davis May 2, 2017 20 Views 0 Comments News Room

Despite all the advantages of rail transport, the industry has been challenged by a spate of derailments and crashes, prompting the government to put new safety laws into effect. The federal government has mandated that all railways implement an advanced technology, positive train control (PTC).

Despite the many advantages to PTC, the technology is only as good as the displays in the command and control centers.

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5 Ways the Higher Ed Market Is Evolving

Joey Davis March 17, 2017 26 Views 0 Comments News Room

Higher education has a growing need to engage students who were born into the world of digital devices. Higher-education institutions look to engage students through a multiplatform digital approach: These technology deployments are evolving to more ubiquitous digital experiences. It’s all about messaging and communicating to the student population through technology modes they choose. A big movement toward large format direct view LED displays in common areas with high traffic is underway. We are seeing institutions bring student groups together for an on-campus experience driven by technology; I believe the genesis is the ongoing war against online education. The campus experience must be unique and memorable — and unique technology deployments offer something to the student they can’t receive online.

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Digital Signage Delivers Shopper’s Buy-in

Joey Davis January 30, 2017 23 Views 0 Comments News Room

Some may recall the days when the only reason we went shopping was to buy something. How times have changed. Now we visit the shops for an “experience” – or at least retailers think we do – and boy do they give it to us.

Tech-savvy consumers are coming to expect tailored content and retail experiences that match or surpass those online. This has seen tablet devices along with more experimental AV products such as ‘interactive mirrors’, virtual and augmented reality and internet-connected displays make it into retail outlets.

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NanoLumens Stays Bullish on Brick-and-Mortar Retail

Joey Davis January 23, 2017 16 Views 0 Comments News Room

Despite two big names in retail —Macy’s and Sears—announcing plans to close many locations in 2017, Atlanta-based NanoLumens, makers of custom-built indoor and outdoor LED displays for a variety of markets, announces that it is increasing its commitment to the retail channel and has recently named Matt Nurre to the position of vice president of global retail sales to lead the company’s channel development programs.

“The retail channel has emerged as a pillar of our long-term global growth strategy, and for good reason,” says Nurre. “While the traditional model of the stand-alone brick and mortar retail business is being challenged, the advent and widespread proliferation of digital technologies, anchored by a LED visualization solution, is opening the door to an exciting new kind of customer experience that is helping retailers around the world to reinvent themselves for a new generation of connected consumers.”

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4 Ways Digital Signage Can Transform Sports Stadium Experiences

Joey Davis January 17, 2017 16 Views 0 Comments News Room

Stadiums and arenas are looking to up the ante for fan experience and engagement, so that an in-stadium experience is one-of-a-kind and not easily replicated by staying home. Digital signage needs to be a big part of the strategy for fan engagement and marketing in stadiums and arenas.

Advancing digital signage technology, coupled with Wi-Fi and beacon technology, means LED displays can be used for much more than pointing a fan to the nearest bathroom or exit. Smart technology in LED displays can be implemented to alleviate a fan’s pain points while at a stadium or arena and help make sure they don’t miss a minute of the action on the field or floor.

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The Mesmerizing LED Display Wall Prudential One Visitors Can’t Stop Looking At

Joey Davis January 9, 2017 233 Views 0 Comments News Room

NanoLumensIt’s tough to not be impressed with Chicago’s Prudential One building, as it is one most prestigious and historic buildings in the Chicago skyline. What may be even tougher, however, is to not be impressed with the inside of the Prudential One building, specifically it’s lobby. When visitors enter the skyscraper, their attentions are immediately drawn to the lobby’s 7-foot by 50-foot, 4-millimeter NanoLumens video wall.

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Today, Tomorrow, The Day After Tomorrow!

Joey Davis December 19, 2016 331 Views 0 Comments News Room

dstNanoLumens CTO Gary Feather, along with other industry experts, discusses future trends in digital signage. Curious what technology will impact digital signage the most? How will digital signage technology evolve to fill the role of a platform as a service (PaaS), rather than SaaS? What industry will stand to benefit the most from digital signage over the next two years? Learn the answers and more.

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