The Mesmerizing Video Wall Prudential One Visitors Can’t Stop Looking At

Joey Davis January 9, 2017 133 Views 0 Comments News Room

NanoLumensIt’s tough to not be impressed with Chicago’s Prudential One building, as it is one most prestigious and historic buildings in the Chicago skyline. What may be even tougher, however, is to not be impressed with the inside of the Prudential One building, specifically it’s lobby. When visitors enter the skyscraper, their attentions are immediately drawn to the lobby’s 7-foot by 50-foot, 4-millimeter NanoLumens video wall.

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Today, Tomorrow, The Day After Tomorrow!

Joey Davis December 19, 2016 215 Views 0 Comments News Room

dstNanoLumens CTO Gary Feather, along with other industry experts, discusses future trends in digital signage. Curious what technology will impact digital signage the most? How will digital signage technology evolve to fill the role of a platform as a service (PaaS), rather than SaaS? What industry will stand to benefit the most from digital signage over the next two years? Learn the answers and more.

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Ranking the 25 most tech savvy sports teams in 2016

Joey Davis December 19, 2016 321 Views 0 Comments News Room

NanoLumens Sports IllustratedWith 2016 coming to a close, we examined the sports landscape to rank the most technologically savvy professional sports teams. It was clear from our research that dozens of organizations around the world are approaching the building of their franchise from a tech-first mindset. But this ranking consists of twenty-five teams that were exceptionally innovative in 2016. Despite rebuilding their roster over the past few years, the Jaguars have still been an innovator off the field. The team worked with NanoLumens prior to the current season to outfit the newly renovated Everbank Field with —six LED displays in all—at the club seat levels. The products’ high-quality screen resolution allows fans to view any angle without distortion.

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Stimulating the Human Eye: Creating True-to-life Displays

Joey Davis December 7, 2016 96 Views 0 Comments News Room

resolutionThe human eye is the most dynamic, highest-resolution biological optical sensor in the world. It has biological sensors embedded in strategic physical locations with real-time adaptable sensitivity to impact us every second of our waking life. The more realistic we sense that escape with our eyes, the greater the stimulation of the eye sensor and the greater the enjoyment of the experience.

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Acoustics By Design Equips Corporate Campus Theater

Joey Davis November 10, 2016 170 Views 0 Comments News Room

snvcIn this edition of the SVC Podcast, SVC Contributing Editor Bennett Liles talks with Tim Hamilton of Acoustics By Design in Grand Rapids, Michigan about the new campus theater for Acuity Insurance in Sheboygan, Michigan. The 2000-seat circular room is a challenge for sightlines and acoustics with its very steep vertical seating. Tim describes the central five-sided Nanolumens LED display flown above the round stage and he details the video system that includes six cameras and more displays around the walls of the stage area.

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10 Secrets of Outstanding Networked Campus Signage

Joey Davis November 10, 2016 144 Views 0 Comments News Room

AVnetworkHow do you catch the attention of a GenZ student who can’t be bothered to lift her head from her iPhone? Design campus digital signage systems that bring all the efficiency and engagement they expect from media, and make the system as robust and user-friendly as the multitude of devices carried by all campus stakeholders, be they pupils, professors, administrators or alumni.

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Video Wall Installation in Acuity Insurance Auditorium

Joey Davis November 4, 2016 94 Views 0 Comments News Room

CTDAcuity Insurance is a vital and growing insurance company in Wisconsin. The goal was to build a theatre that would keep everyone connected in a 2000 seat auditorium with no single seat allowed to be more than 65 feet from the stage. This was no small feat. The team of Acuity, Camera Corner, Acoustics by Design and NanoLumens worked together to bring this vision to a reality.

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Why Are Some Fine-pitch Displays Operating Like Toasters?

Joey Davis November 3, 2016 99 Views 0 Comments News Room

dstI was recently wandering around an international digital signage conference, and I became more excited about the capabilities of this industry to innovate in fine-pitch. With this trend in tighter resolution I also noticed another trend; the tighter pitch displays are getting dimmer in specified nits, and the display surfaces are getting hotter with the smaller the pitch. So what is happening that the surface of the display is a perfect temperature to cook an over easy fried egg (165 degrees Fahrenheit)?

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