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NanoSlim - sleek, flat, fixed large scale visualization

Benefits: the perfect solution if you’re looking for a sleek, flat, fixed LED display for your indoor application. Slim and lightweight so heavy and bulky displays aren’t a concern.

Key Installations: Phoenix College, Elon University, Boise State, Draper University


What they’re saying: “No other company comes close to offering the same combination of technology, customization, and warranty. The selection of NanoLumens became the right one for us.” –  Mike Poplin, Director of Technology Support and Media Services, Phoenix College


NanoCurve - slim, curved, vibrant large scale visualization

Benefits: Think outside the box with a display that’s as interesting as your brand is. NanoCurves go beyond right angles to give you the curved display you’ve been wanting.

Key Installations: Chicago Board of Trade, GTE Financial, Terra Networks – Via Quatro.


NanoWrap - cylindrical large scale visualization wherever you’d like it

Benefits: Go bold with a 360 degree display that can wrap columns and wow your visitors. The NanoWrap’s cylindrical shape saves space and looks stunning wrapped around a column, hanging overhead or giving a multi-dimensional presentation at eye-level.

Key Installations: Winstar World Casino, IX Center, Seven Clans Casino, GTE Financial.


What they’re saying: “We wanted to create a stunning visual experience to engage our patrons and draw them into Casino 360. We needed the brightest possible LED displays designed and manufactured to a very specific set of requirements. We chose NanoLumens to provide these displays after considering a number of options from different manufacturers.” –  Jenny Cross, Winstar senior marketing manager

Information and Ideas: Products Video

Click the video on the right and get an up-close look at some of NanoLumens’ most versatile and exciting installs and a peek at how they’re manufactured. From the thin and lightweight NanoSlim to the eye-catching NanoCurve, this video will take you to sports arenas, casinos and corporate settings. Considering a NanoLumens large scale visualization product? Get inspired here.