Transit and DOOH

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Transit and DOOH

It’s a moment that can cause apprehension in some, abject terror in others. It’s the moment when a traveler walks off the jet way and into the terminal of an unknown airport with minutes to spare before their connecting flight taxis away from the gate. Where are they in relation to their next flight? How far away is it? Where do they go next? In this day and age of air travel, travelers simply can’t always count on an airline agent being there to help. In fact, in many cases, travelers are simply on their own. Unless, of course, the airport is there to light the way with the best and brightest of wayfinding signage and LED display screens.

Airports, train stations, and other transportation hubs have a unique opportunity through digital signage to reach and inform their travelers. From guiding passengers where to go, to emergency messaging, to promoting a facility’s array of bars, shops, and restaurants, LED displays can serve as both a helpful tool for passengers and a revenue generator for the transportation hub. And for advertisers, these locations offer a captive audience of sorts — With a large and steady amount of traffic 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, there are plenty of opportunities for you to engage with your travelers.

Why NanoLumens For Transportation and DOOH?

Today’s advancing technologies are making it easier than ever to reach more potential customers, giving you and your advertisers the freedom and flexibility that you have been looking for. And an LED display screen from NanoLumens is the best in the business. We provide 5 of the top 10 global airports with the flexible, and innovative display solutions they need. Just take a look at our large cylindrical display in the Sao Paulo, Brazil airport terminal, Hartsfield-Jackson International, Vancouver International or the Miami International Airports, where these displays are impacting travelers daily lives. Service and maintenance are a breeze, changing and rearranging content is incredibly easy and messaging can be swapped out at the click of a mouse.

Brilliantly engineered, NanoLumens LED Displays are available in any size, shape or in the curve of your dreams and always backed by the industry’s best warranty. That’s NanoLumens’ bright thinking in action.

The São Paulo Metro

Brazil's newest and most advanced subway line enhanced with LED displays.


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