Corporate, Higher Education, and Houses of Worship

Corporate, Higher Education, and Houses of Worship

What would it mean to your facility to have crystal clear, high resolution LED display technology? Would you hold the attention and better inform your employees at the all hands office meeting? Would the students at your university be more engaged during their regular lectures? Would the congregation in the church on Sunday have a better view of the minister’s sermon? Digital displays can heighten the experience at any facility, resulting in higher levels of engagement. Events at work, church, or school can be better promoted. And, perhaps best of all, displays open up a valuable advertising revenue channel.

Why NanoLumens For Corporate?

NanoLumens delivers brilliant LED display solutions that can be made to fit any size room or facility. The breathtakingly crisp images from these displays are backed by the industry’s most comprehensive warranty to ensure long-term reliability. NanoLumens displays require little energy to run, are environmentally friendly, and are easy-to-maintain. Plus, they are plug and play, so NanoLumens displays work with any platform or content management system on the market. Want to find out why numerous companies and universities across the country are picking NanoLumens? Contact us today!

Brilliantly engineered to be energy efficient, simple to install and easy to maintain – even in the most challenging environment. And backed by the industry’s best warranty. That’s NanoLumens’ bright thinking in action.

Phoenix College

Depression-era college auditorium enters the 21st century with LED displays

Retail Banking

LED Displays transforms how GTE approaches retail banking. Case Study.

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Prudential's corp. lobby in Chicago enhanced with LED.