How often do your customers stop dead in their tracks to marvel at your storefront, whipping out their phones to share a picture or video of it with their social networks? How important would it be to your business if they did? What if you had a dynamic, living, breathing LED display screen in your retail storefront that effortlessly changes content at the push of a button; keeping up with new products, promotions or even personalized content enabled through beacon or Wi-Fi technology? What would that do to your business’ bottom line?

The razor sharp, stop-them-in-their-tracks resolution of a fine pitch LED display screen is proven to boost the bottom line and attract new customers, especially in the key demographics of Millennials and beyond who utilize digital throughout their everyday lives.  Today’s customer is not taking time to shop, she is shopping ALL the time.  Bring your brand front and center with the best and brightest visualization available.

Why NanoLumens For Your Retail LED Display Screen?

Because your retail brand deserves the best LED technology available.  At NanoLumens we deliver the most innovative digital displays in the industry.  From the towering digital panels outside of prestigious Holt Renfrew stores in Canada, to the massive hanging display in Brisbane, Australia’s famed Indoorpilly shopping center, Nanolumens’ displays are driving customer engagement and increasing conversions. Even the world famous Madam Tussauds wax museum turned to NanoLumens to create a digital window display at their Times Square location in New York to communicate their step into the modern age as well as helping to draw more pedestrian traffic off of the street to take in the exhibits. 

Brilliantly engineered to be energy efficient, simple to install and easy to maintain – even in the most challenging environment. And backed by the industry’s best warranty. That’s NanoLumens’ bright thinking in action.


Video: Holt Renfrew

A beautiful video example of how LED displays for retail can engage your customers.

Customer Engagement

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Video: Pacific Fair Mall

The Australian Gold Coast's most iconic shopping destination.