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Sports, Conventions and Arenas

What if every square inch of your massive sports arena could be designed to drive revenue? What if every bit of dead space – every single corner, nook, and cranny – could be transformed to heighten the fan experience? It can with best and brightest LED display technology. What if previously boring plazas and corridors could be made over to be so visual and interactive, that fans will be torn between staying there and watching the game? Would these changes help you squeeze more revenue out of your arena? Would fans be more likely to leave the comfort of their couches and mega-TVs to come out to watch a sporting event with their buddies? You bet they would.

The key to unlocking hidden revenue in sporting arenas is placing razor sharp LED display solutions strategically around the venues. Digital display media helps bring every fan who walks through the turnstiles right up to the sidelines to see and hear a game in a way that hasn’t been possible before. And, NanoLumens exclusive solutions allow arena owners to install LED display solutions of any size, shape, or curvature. They are truly made to measure!
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Teams like The Miami HEAT are engaging fans with digitally interactive experiences that have brought fans back to the stadium. Join John Vidalin, Executive Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer of the Miami HEAT!


Why NanoLumens For Sports?

Digital signage not only elevates the spectator’s experience, but also boosts the bottom line through advertising opportunities. Any arena or sporting venue not looking for ways to increase and improve the creative use of this LED display technology throughout their arena is leaving money on the table. Recently completed projects such as the TD Garden renovation or Xfinity East Plaza grand opening for the Miami HEAT or the new “Bunker Suite” at Gillette Stadium are turning revenue-dormant areas into fan engagement centers that are full of new growth opportunities and — guess what — new revenue streams galore!

Brilliantly engineered to be energy efficient, simple to install and easy to maintain – even in the most challenging environment. And backed by the industry’s best warranty. That’s NanoLumens’ bright thinking in action.

Stadium Dead Space?

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TD Garden Scores!

The Legends Cafe comes to life with NanoLumens transparent displays.

Cleveland's IX Center

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