Unlocking AV Integrator Profits Is As Easy As L-E-D

Unlocking AV Integrator Profits Is As Easy As L-E-D
Immersive media experiences are everywhere, online and in broadcast environments, and thanks to the merging of those technologies and the development of incredibly versatile LED technology—which is currently growing in usage by a factor of five annually—multimedia display screens are expanding to all-encompassing, immersive environments everywhere we go.


It’s hard to escape the power of a properly executed LED installation. This sector puts a large number of creative and profit-building options in the integrator’s hands. The numbers bear out the potential: This $2 billion market is projected to grow 15% annually, and it speaks directly to the crucial young adult market, which recalls signage at an astounding 70% rate with 27% activation.

The opportunities for integrators to use LED products as a creative path to greater profits are vast. Master this technology and you’ll be well on your way to unlocking your sales potential and elevating your brand.