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Trends in Corporate Headquarters Design and their Embrace of Digital Signage Technology


According to Forbes, three out of every four members in the American workforce will be a millennial by 2025. As the Baby Boomer generation ages out of the workforce and the Millennial Generation ages in, the layout of corporate headquarters will evolve as well. Large corporations recognize that the future of their workforce is represented in this younger generation, all of whom have been brought up with digital technology as a fundamental aspect of their […]

The Dawn of Digital Display Freedom

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The designers of today deserve digital displays that compliment their vision and artistry, no matter if the shape required is a cylinder, sphere, free-form wave, or yes, even a rectangle. That’s what we do here. No matter whether an architect’s vision is well defined or ephemeral, we give them the freedom to design as they choose, and the engineers at NanoLumens fill in the gaps.