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The One and Only Real Curved LED Displays

2018-09-28T12:46:34-04:00Tags: |

From the flagship locations of your favorite retailers to the corporate campuses of the most iconic brands, curved LED displays are making a major impact. But the simple fact remains: there is only one real curve. In the wild, the vast majority of these curved digital displays aren’t really curved at all. They are instead a series of flat panels faceted together to look curved. And many of these digital displays are, in the words [...]

Buyer Beware: Why Buying an LED Display From a Rental and Staging Company May Not Be Your Best Bet

2018-10-01T11:07:03-04:00Tags: |

It’s a very tempting proposition: your company rents an LED display from a rental or staging company for a trade show or event. The project goes well, and you are thinking how great it would be to have a display on hand to use for future projects. You are tempted to just buy the display your company rented from the staging company. After all, if it worked great for that project, it will keep working, [...]