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Words to the Wise for Those Creating Content In-House

2018-09-28T11:51:41-04:00Tags: , |

The effectiveness of traditional advertising is fading, and content marketing has begun to take its place. Modern consumers have no interest in antiquated marketing strategies anymore; what they crave is substance. The reason content is king is because it not only promotes the brand, but it tells –and sells- a story. Outsourcing content needs is the route many businesses turn to, but that option is not available for everyone. In-house content creation is by far […]

4 Statistics to Inform Your Digital Signage Content Strategy

2018-09-28T11:53:47-04:00Tags: , |

Content is the foundation of today’s most successful marketing efforts, but simply having content is not enough; businesses need to have a content strategy, too. An organized and well-documented approach is key to the successful execution of a modern marketing initiative. Cultivating an understanding of the current trends in display content can go a long way towards informing your content strategy, but often these trends are difficult to conceptualize without hard figures to provide context. […]

The Beauty and Power of NanoLumens’ NIXEL Series™

2021-01-20T08:56:10-05:00Tags: |

Just recently, we took some time to re-introduce the ENGAGE Series, our award winning Narrow Pixel Pitch displays; but there is no reason to stop there because if you are looking for flexible, curved displays, then you can’t miss our NIXEL Series LED displays. The NanoCurve and NanoWrap are still available and remain the only patented curved technology on the market, but we have simplified the naming convention for the NIXEL Series, our indoor and […]

NanoLumens’ ENGAGE Series™

2018-09-28T16:44:09-04:00Tags: , |

Rediscover NanoLumens Narrow Pixel Pitch Displays

NanoCurve, NanoSlim or even the NanoSlim Engage. If you know these terms, then you know NanoLumens. But you may have noticed these products are a bit harder to find; that’s because you spoke, and we heard you. With a desire to simplify the LED purchasing experience, we simplified our product nomenclature. They are all here, leading the industry with top awards, the longest warranty in the business and the most […]

The Rejuvenation of Madame Tussauds through LED Display

2018-10-01T10:55:10-04:00Tags: , |

There’s retail, and then there’s Times Square.

With more than 700,000 pedestrians passing through this over-amped, highly coveted corner of Manhattan real estate on the busiest days, it takes more than a sign to get noticed. For the world famous, 250-year old Madame Tussauds’ brand, not only was parent company Merlin Entertainment looking to attract more pedestrian foot traffic into the iconic wax museum, but it also wanted to freshen up the museum’s somewhat antiquated image. […]