4 Reasons Why LED Displays Will Engage Church Members

4 Reasons Why LED Displays Will Engage Church Members

The key to any successful ministry is communication. If you’re a minister or director, you know actively engaged members are the rock in which the house is built, regardless of faith and congregation size. In the 21st century, websites and social media have taken the place of printed newsletters for important announcements and information during the week. But how is your flock being kept up to date on the latest happenings during church services and other related functions?

Adding large indoor LED displays is an investment your house of worship should strongly consider. Not only do they modernize your facilities and give ‘up to the minute’ news and information, they also allow members and visitors alike to become more actively engaged with services.  In a time where church attendance is down, congregations are actively seeking ways to attract new members and connect with current ones. Consider the reasons LED displays are perfect for that goal:

1. Display hymnal lyrics. LED displays can eliminate the need to buy new or replacement hymnals. But if you prefer tradition, you could provide people with an option to follow along in a book or simply sing what’s on the screen.

2. Encourage your members to be social. Instead of announcing new people or special events like marriages and engagements, imagine showing your entire congregation photos or, better yet, live video. Immediately putting faces with names helps form new friendships.

3. Announce events like fundraisers and show full color videos of missionary work.

4. Promote upcoming services. Details for Easter, Christmas, Lent or any other special day can easily be displayed with dates, times and important details.

More affordable than you might think, large indoor LED displays aren’t just for mega-churches anymore. Contact NanoLumens today and discover what their return on investment could be for house of worship.

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