Just like all LED displays are not created equal, not all LED pricing is created equal. As a matter of fact, many manufacturers provide a “kit” price, itemizing each and every component required for a display to work properly. Framing, mounting, processor boxes, spares and more – this seems like transparency, correct? Not really. Although each and every piece is required, can you buy one without the other? Will the display function with disparate parts, or even without the one you decide is not necessary? Quite simply, no.

At NanoLumens, we believe in providing our clients with a visual platform; it simply requires a power source and your content. This Up Front Pricing removes the confusion that many other manufacturers promote. As your partner, we expect you to be the experts in your business, not ours. And that’s why from start to finish, we provide you with the solution expertise that simplifies the buying process.

Beginning with customization, we provide detailed electrical and mechanical engineering submittal drawings that provide clarity of your display from imagination to real-time solution and are important to long-term ownership where people and departments change.

With our Up Front Pricing, you will never miss required hardware or accessories such as the framing, mounting, processor boxes and even spares; where we have found that accessories costs can cost an additional 10-20% in addition to your “kit” LED pricing.

And, each and every piece is covered by our 6-Year Nixel™ to Pixel warranty. This means that if even a pixel is out, we will replace it. Not just with a new pixel board, but with spares from YOUR bin at the time of purchase. This makes for a seamless experience throughout the life of your display.

At NanoLumens, our custom platform and solutions will help you along every step in the journey to a new display from deciphering pixel pitch through accurate viewing distance to mission critical strategies and business metrics. We can be a piece of your engagement or a turn-key solution. Quite simply, we fit our client’s needs.

The old saying holds true, compare apples to apples, and remember: An LED quote is NOT a display quote. For more information about purchasing your next display, download our white paper Not ALL LED Displays Are Created Equal.