Attention Architects: Our Answer is “Yes”

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Attention Architects: Our Answer is “Yes”

In an ideal world, an architect is given complete freedom to create whatever structure he or she imagines. That ideal world rarely exists. Instead, architects are almost always confined to work within a particular context. Whether it be the intended purpose of the space they are designing, the resources they are permitted to use, or the audience they are expected to cater to, there will always be some restriction handcuffing the creativity of commissioned architects. While these limits often present exciting puzzles for architects to solve, we at NanoLumens are always reluctant to place restrictions on any project. With this in mind, we would like to inform architects that no matter the constraints placed on your design challenge, our answer is “yes.” Whatever it is, we can make it work. Here’s why:

LED displays fit modern styles and needs

Architecture needs to align with the styles and needs of its time period. Right now, that means open concepts and digital technology, respectively. Due to their brightness and size, LED displays are the most effective display technology at filling the open spaces popular in recent room design. Capable of outshining even the sun when set to peak brightness, LED displays from NanoLumens lavish any environment with diverse color, making even the emptiest room feel warm and inviting. Furthermore, today’s audiences expect to find digital technology everywhere they go. A building without displays seems outdated to younger, more digitally-fluent generations. Architects aim to satisfy styles and needs in creative ways; LED displays enable that.

LED displays fit creative spaces

Understanding their audiences (or employers) may demand digital display technology in the finished building, architects might feel the need to design their space in a way that accommodates these displays. Maybe they feel the need to include flat-paneled walls on which displays could hang, or they exclude pillars knowing a display won’t conform to their circular surface. Maybe they feel forced to fortify certain walls to support the expected weight of a display, or they extend a surface beyond their ideal because they ran out of space for a display. These concerns are gone when working with NanoLumens display solutions. Our LED displays are thinner and lighter than our LED and LCD competitors, which means architects can hang or mount our tech almost anywhere. Compromising ideal designs to accommodate display tech is a nightmare. Therefore, we design our displays so our partners won’t have to accommodate. We build our displays in any size, shape, or curvature so that architects can build their buildings in any size, shape, or curvature.

LED displays fit efficient priorities

Architects may be required to use “green” resources and techniques in the buildings they design. For many display technologies, this is a deal breaker. Your typical large format display consumes power inefficiently, but a NanoLumens display is more efficient than a hairdryer, cutting down on excess energy expense. NanoLumens displays operate without any noise pollution and produce impressively little heat, saving on that front, too.

Architects want freedom to design without shoehorning cumbersome tech features. The beauty of NanoLumens LED display solutions is that they will fit in no matter what. To find out how we can fit into your next project, give us a call!

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