Growing up in Brooklyn, most kids want to make it to Manhattan. Some want to play basketball, some want to be fashion designers, some want to work on Wall Street.

I decided to focus on art and dance at of all places, a middle school dedicated to STEM. There was an opportunity for kids to dance in a Broadway show, and our school was one of the ones lucky enough to be offered auditions.

My name is Derrick White, and I work in Business Development at NanoLumens. My goals are to connect with architects who specify our products, and consultants who use our displays as a “blank canvas” to help facilitate their and their clients’ artistic visions. I am passionate about marketing, strategy, and how businesses can utilize technology as well as “off balance sheet” assets to grow their organization.

The picture above is from the Broadway Show “RENT”. It reminds me a bit of all the people involved with a project. You have folks from all walks of life coming together, trying to make it in a highly competitive place. They know that even though there will be ups and downs, they continue to hone their craft, because the finished product will be conversation worthy.

Prior to Nano, I worked for a software company that helps Nano with finding projects and gathering Business Intelligence. Now I am a customer! I don’t have a construction background, but the idea of putting all the pieces together appeals to me, sort of like how I had to learn dance routines on the fly during auditions in middle school. I had never done organized dance before, but the idea of being on the big stage was appealing to a kid! I feel like we help the design community shine in a similar fashion. They get to put their creativity on stage with our custom displays.

I always feel a sense of pride when we exhibit what we have done with global and boutique firms, showing our flexibility and quality of work. Like a Broadway production, we have to focus on our articulation, blocking, crossing, and pacing. NanoLumens’ displays have definitely made their impact in the world of the arts and entertainment, and we will only see that continue as the world learns more about the possibilities that exist with direct view LED.

If you have a vision that you’d like to put on stage, we encourage you to reach out and speak with our team.

By: Derrick White