At NanoLumens®, every solution we provide is fully customized to the specific needs and demands of each individual partner we work with. No two projects are ever the same. That being said, we do notice a significant level of overlap between installations for partners within the same industries. This is because organizations who operate in similar fields will often have similar needs. To that end, we have come to recognize which products of ours typically work best for each industry. Organizations turn to NanoLumens® because they want a full market solution that meets each and every one of their display needs, and though we custom build every solution we provide, we have a pretty reliable idea of where each conversation should start.

For example, retail-oriented entities will typically be best served by our smaller-format digital posters to promote their inventory, while professional sports stadiums will likely find the most utility with our Nixel Series™. To help illustrate, here is a short (and informal) guide showing a few examples of the various market solutions NanoLumens® provides. Wherever your business resides, know that NanoLumens® can provide the best market solution to meet your needs.

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