NanoLumens Digital Signage Is Here for Integrators

//NanoLumens Digital Signage Is Here for Integrators

NanoLumens Digital Signage Is Here for Integrators

If you know anything about NanoLumens, you know that we are a provider of full digital signage solutions. Our commitment to full-service is not just something we deliver our end-users, but also something we extend to the channel of display dealers and integrators we partner with and through. As an LED display manufacturer, we rely immensely on nurturing strong relationships with these integrators. Often the first point of contact for an end-user looking to install LED technology, integrators play an extremely important role in finding their clients the right manufacturer. We believe for both end-users and for integrators NanoLumens is precisely the right manufacturer in almost every case. One reason for that is because we approach each case completely independently.

NanoLumens Gives Integrators Ultimate Digital Signage Design Freedom

For us, “any size, any shape, any curvature” is more than just catchy marketing lingo; it reflects our entire company ethos. Giving customers and integrators the power to customize whatever digital signage display best fits each situation is what allows us to create entirely unique features. Look through our gallery and you’ll come across displays in sizes, curvatures, and use cases that are impossible for more rigid manufacturers. The full customizability of our features gives integrators who opt for NanoLumens the comfort in knowing that we’ll be able to realize whatever the end-user dreams up, meaning an integrator will be able to deliver exactly what they were hired to do.

Integrators Win Awards with NanoLumens

A secondary benefit here is that our unique display installs stand out, generating excitement for the project and awards in a wide variety of categories. And of course it’s not NanoLumens alone winning these awards –it’s the entire team responsible for the project. Take for example the display at the Beus Center at Arizona State, which won Level 3 Audiovisual a Commercial INTEGRATOR CI Integration Award in 2017. Or the NanoLumens feature at T-Mobile’s flagship location in Times Square, for which AVI-SPL took home the Installation of the Year during the 2017 DSE APEX Awards.

There are myriad other examples like these, but more important than performance in awards ceremonies is an installation’s actual display performance. The digital signage solutions NanoLumens provides come with an industry-leading six-year warranty, and require far less maintenance than less robust features. This means that while NanoLumens is rarely the cheapest option on the table at first, our displays will last longer, cost less over time, and deliver higher margins for integrators. Display manufacturers who compete on price will often leave their customers and partners wanting in the future, especially because if their overall display cost is cheap, the components they buy to build that display are cheap too. That is not a recipe for happy end-users.

What’s good for display manufacturers is typically good for integrators, and as a pioneer in the move to fine-pitch display technologies, NanoLumens has a lot of exciting developments on the horizon. The advances we make in manufacturing will let integrators work with end-users who’d never before considered large-format LED to be within their means. We rely immensely on the work of integrators to achieve our own internal goals, and we look forward to continuing to work with our integration partners to help them achieve theirs as well. To learn more about how advancements in LED tech will benefit integrators, check out this piece from our blog here.