It’s A Dirty Job (But Someone Has To Do It)

It’s A Dirty Job (But Someone Has To Do It)

Earlier this week, our CEO Rick Cope asked a very interesting task of the Marketing Department: “The sign in the front of the parking lot needs to be cleaned. Get it done.”

When Rick Cope asks you to do something, you simply do it. There is no arguing, no counter suggestion, and you definitely can’t ever say no. It should be noted, that while this particular task is well outside of the Marketing department’s scope of experience, our CEO can often be seen in the parking lot picking the trash up with his bare hands…so the concept of a task not being a part of one’s “job description” simply doesn’t exist under his leadership.

Like any start-up, NanoLumens was born on the concept of sharing hats, working hard, and thinking on a large-scale. If you talk to any of the early employees, you’ll hear stories of sales people populating nixels on a display, driving our original sprinter van all over the country with our ONLY display being carefully stowed in the back, and even hear about a certain former receptionist turning a wrench or two (yes, me- the girl that has never been seen without heels on in the workplace) — and we all know that our company thrives when we work as team and take on new challenges.

Which brings me to this video:

Here, you can see Nathan Remmes, our VP of Marketing and Business Development, and myself scrubbing the sign that greets visitors as they pull into the parking lot. While we scrubbed the dirt off, we realized what a great representation of our company culture and beliefs this action is:

Every detail counts – When I say that every detail counts, I mean it. From designing the best LED packages to the color calibration on a final product, we ensure that every display is worthy enough to be supported by our zero failure, six year warranty. With a warranty like that, quality and attention to detail simply can’t be compromised.

We pitch in – In the same way that the VP of my department willingly dove in to assist on getting our parking lot sign to an immaculate state, NanoLumens breeds a team atmosphere that inspires creativity and large-scale visualization. Installations of our displays also provide us the opportunity to partner up with some of the greatest partners and integrators in the world, allowing us to brainstorm with the best and brightest minds in the AV world while we pitch in on amazing digital installations.

We’ll never pass off a task (or product) that we wouldn’t do (or use) ourselves – While the Marketing department could have easily passed off cleaning the sign to the guys in production, or hired a service to do it for us, we didn’t. Why? Because we wouldn’t pass off a job that we wouldn’t do ourselves- just like we wouldn’t sell a technology that we didn’t use in our own corporate facility. All of our Town Hall meetings are held in our showroom because we know that our Powerpoint presentations will look incredible on a massive NanoSlim.

So go ahead and enjoy watching Nate and I clean the parking lot sign, and get a good laugh at the fact that I’m wearing suede heels in the dirt– but just know that the NanoLumens team isn’t afraid to go the extra mile and get a little dirty to bring you the large-scale display of your dreams.

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