DSE 2014: Sessions and workshops you shouldn’t miss

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DSE 2014: Sessions and workshops you shouldn’t miss

As DSE creeps closer and closer, it’s time to start setting your agenda for the expo and deciding what sessions and workshops will be a priority. It’s easy to get caught up in the action and movement around a conference, so having a game plan before you attend helps you to stay on task. We have a few tips to help you in designing your conference strategy, as well as a few key sessions you can’t miss out on.

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DSE is a busy conference; plan ahead to help yourself stay focused.

Make your time at DSE count

Conferences are filled with activity and dozens of vendors working to get your attention, all at the same time. While it may feel like you’re getting a lot of information and meeting a lot of people, it’s easy to leave a conference thinking, “Wait, what did I really take away from that?” or “Oh no! I missed that session. I really wanted to see that.” Having a game plan set before you even board your plane can help you keep your focus and get the most out of the conference. Decide these things ahead of time to help you set your plan in motion:

  • What is my goal for DSE 2014? This may sound silly, but the goal of a conference shouldn’t be to attend the conference. It should be to a set “mission” you hope to accomplish while there, whether you’re looking to learn something, meet a contact, or to discuss a specific project (or all of the above). Having more than one goal is great as well, just try to keep it to a list a no more than five things to help you stay on task.
  • Which sessions are “can’t miss” for me? Set some priorities for where you want to be and when. By labeling a session as a “can’t miss,” you’ll set the self-expectation that appointments, conversations, and vendors will need to be visited and set around that session rather than during it, keeping it as a priority. Set a reminder in your phone for 10 minutes before the session starts to help you remember where you need to be.
  • Take notes. During your breaks between sessions and at the end of each day, take a moment to think back to what you accomplished that day. Did you make your appointments? Did you meet the vendors that you wanted to? How did you enjoy your sessions? Jot down a few key notes and clip them to any business cards as well as the conference agenda. You’ll help yourself stay on task at the conference as well as help yourself remember more information a week after the conference ends.
  • Enjoy yourself. A smile is your best asset at a conference, as you’ll look more approachable and involved, making you more likely to meet the people you want to meet and to find what you’re looking for at DSE. While you should have goals at the conference, don’t forget to enjoy yourself, as part of the perks of a conference is networking, and people like to networking with others who seem to be enjoying their time there.

As you set your goals and “can’t miss” sessions for DSE 2014, we’ve got a couple of sessions that need to be on your list.

NanoLumens’ “Can’t Miss” DSE Sessions

  • Dynamic Digital Environments Master Class –  Leslie Gallery-Dilworth, FAIA, will be leading this workshop that will present case studies of cutting edge projects in the digital signage industry that have focused on creating a dynamic digital environment that enhances experience. This is a pre-show workshop on February 11 from 8 AM to 5 PM, and is perfect for architects, designers, and others who work to help clients create the perfect digital environment. Are you an SEGD or AIA member? Enjoy a special discount.
  • Is LED for you? – Are you trying to decide which technology is right for your projects or just looking to learn more about SMD-LED in the digital signage space? If so, then this session with Nathan Remmes is perfect for you. Nate, our Director of Business Development, will be reviewing SMD-LED as a technology and for which situations it’s best suited, as well as how to make the most out of your LED digital display. Take 30 minutes out of the last day of the conference to meet with Nate from 2-2:30 PM on February 13.


Which other sessions are on your “can’t miss” list? What are your goals for DSE? Tweet your responses to us @NanoLumens with #DSE2014 to join the conversation.


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