McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas is the gateway to one of the most luxurious cities in the world. Spurred by studies showing consumers engage more thoroughly with digitally delivered ads than with static content, McCarran and their signage partner, Lamar Advertising, recognized an opportunity for a technological overhaul in their airport environment. This airport is a valuable advertising environment because it grants advertisers the opportunity to have their content seen before anyone else’s. Chris Trares, the Director of Sales for Lamar Airports, echoed this point within the video below. He says, “Las Vegas is known worldwide for tourism, conferences, [being] a huge business destination, and McCarran is a place where you can have your message displayed first, for everyone who arrives.” This is an incredibly lucrative proposition for advertisers and McCarran cashed in on that value by integrating the type of state-of-the-art LED signage that would maximize both advertisers’ ability to communicate with customers and McCarran’s own ability to rotate content on the fly.

In completely overhauling the signage situation in their domestic baggage claim area, one of McCarran’s top priorities was to their advertisers. In the advertising world, being the first thing a customer sees is invaluable, but being seen at all is of course a necessary element of that. The traditional solutions that McCarran formerly relied on were often lost in an environment with high levels of ambient light and their static nature required regular physical replacement. “As the initial purchase price of LED displays continues to become more and more competitive,” said the McCarran’s director Rosemary Vassiliadis, “the enormous revenue-generating, creative and production efficiencies the format offers have become more and more compelling.” To learn more about this remarkable signage overhaul, watch the video below and download the case study as well!