Are you reaching your audience effectively?

Gold Fish.

Your first pet. A reward from a carnival game. A peaceful sight when looking down from a bridge. Gold fish may be all of these things to you, but they’re also everything to your brand. Why? Because gold fish have a longer attention span (9 seconds) than the average human being (8 seconds.). Yes, I said 8 seconds. This means that you have less time to reach your consumer with your brand message than it has taken me to type this sentence.

In a world as fast paced as the one we live in, you have to reach consumers quickly. This means being where they’re at, when they’re there, in a way to which they can connect. How does digital signage allow you to do this?

  1. Digital Signage goes where your consumers go. Shopping malls, grocery stores, sports venues, casinos, and more are all starting to (or for years already have) deploy digital signage to reach their visitors. From sidewalks to waiting lines, your target audience is out and about, and your brand needs to be out and about with them. Digital signage gives you the ability to reach them where they are– In hundreds of places, all at once.
  2. Digital displays communicate short messages or visuals quickly. Think about how long you take to glance at a billboard on the highway or to look at a sign while walking down the street–These fractions of a second are how long you have to grab the attention of a consumer and to hold it for those precious 8 seconds before they continue on with their day. Short, strong phrases and bold visuals are how to do just that.
  3. Digital displays attract consumer eyes. Our brains are now wired for technology, and studies repeatedly show that we notice it around us. A recent Neilsen Study examined the effect of DOOH advertising and in-store TV on consumers in a grocery store. 4 out of 5 brands depicted saw increases in sales of up to 33% from DOOH media, and “Roughly three quarters of [visitors] surveyed (74 percent) noticed the [display] monitors at the POS.”

If you want to reach consumers where they are, when they are, and to grab their attention, digital signage can help you do so. Otherwise, the goldfish you’re looking for may be headed to more engaging waters.

Photo via Flickr CC.