Greek philosopher Heraclitus once said “nothing is permanent except change.” Indeed, change is the only constant in the universe. Nowhere is that more true than the workplace. If you think of every part of your life where people might come and go – family, relationships – your career is the one people walk in and out of the most. Such is the case again at NanoLumens as we say goodbye to Sarah Shelnut.

A NanoLumens staple for four years, Sarah has been a leader on our marketing team and an advocate for its members. She’s been part of team whose cohesion has been uncanny at times even as the group grew in members, knowledge and skill.  When relationships form at the workplace it’s easy to forget the primary reason we’re here: To work, to earn, to grow and provide for those who depend on us. Personal relationships are secondary. Friendships don’t have to end at the threshold of the company’s front door, though.

It would be too simple to say Sarah outgrew her role here but the specialized skills she developed at NanoLumens are in great demand now and she has an incredible opportunity to move forward. The marketing department at NanoLumens – and all of NanoLumens – wish her the best in this exciting new time in her life.