It is late December, and the holiday season is very much upon us. The various holidays celebrated during this part of the calendar have vastly different traditions involved in each of them, but it’s what they have in common that makes this time of year particularly special. Though the formalities of each holiday differ wildly, the spirit of each is kindred. It’s hard to quantify, but the last weeks of the year always bring with them some sort of universal bend towards communal consolidation, though perhaps consolidation isn’t quite the right word in this trying year. Just know that this time of year involves things coming together even if only in spirit and virtual gatherings.

So as 2020 draws to a close, we at NanoLumens wish happy and safe holidays and a healthy, happy new year to all we work with and all we as-of-yet do not. However you celebrate late December, we wish you and yours the warmest of tidings.