Have a Safe and Happy Independence Day

Joey Davis July 3, 2018 770 Views 0 Comments blog

At NanoLumens, we advertise that we can create display solutions in any size, shape, or curvature but really we do more than that. We allow designers, architects, and artists to think in any size, shape, or curvature, and then we take those ideas and turn them into a reality. What is most critical to understand about the versatility of our solutions is not how many different things we can build, but how many different ways our clients and partners are able to dream. For every experiential graphic designer who has thought, “I wonder if…,” our answer is “yes.” As an American company founded and owned by veterans, we believe the creative freedom we give our partners and customers reflects the values our country was founded upon. When the Declaration of Independence was signed 242 years ago today, one of the core principles guiding this new country of ours was self-determination. People deserved the opportunity to make decisions for themselves. Decisions about how to live, how to worship, how to communicate, and how to govern. We try to uphold this philosophy by giving our partners and customers the ability to fully customize every project they do with us. It’s a far cry from what our founding fathers accomplished so many years ago, but it’s our small contribution to this great American experiment. So this July 4th, 2018, we at NanoLumens wish everyone a happy and healthy Independence Day as we honor our country and the people who fought so hard to create it and keep it safe.