As 2019 comes to a close, we thought we’d take the opportunity to look back at a handful of our favorite NanoLumens installations from the past year. Whether in an airport, a shopping mall, a casino, a corporate lobby, or somewhere completely different, these installations all share two common characteristics: the first -and most obvious- is that we built them! The second is that they bring excitement to their environments and the audiences who fill those spaces. So before 2020 gets going, let’s take one last stroll through 2019.

Innisfree Cosmetics

When Korean cosmetics retailer Innisfree launched its second New York City store right next door to a major competitor in late 2018, the brand knew it needed a store design that would grab the attention of people passing by and convince new customers to step inside. Innisfree decided to capitalize on the store’s curved floor-to-ceiling street-front windows and install a huge, super bright NanoLumens ENGAGE Series™ LED display that measures 16.73’ tall by 8.66’ wide and is easily seen from the street, 24 hours a day. What we find compelling about this display is the way Innisfree has used it to build familiarity with their brand in an American market they had never previously engaged with. The display is mounted straight ahead of the entrance and windows, above a counter of iPads where customers can sign up to be Innisfree members to track their purchase history and receive special offers from the brand. While the store has been quiet about specifics, employees noted that they saw a significant uptick in foot traffic after the NanoLumens display was installed and noticed an increase in overall engagement and excitement thanks to the digital technologies.

Suria KLCC Shopping Mall

Encompassing 1.17 million square feet of retail floor area inhabited by 350 stores and services, the Suria KLCC Shopping Mall contains a six-story central court area that was cavernous – but empty. Unable to fill this space with a traditional art feature lest they run afoul retail line-of-site restrictions, the massive mall instead integrated a towering NanoLumens LED display that rotates 359 degrees and measures as the world’s largest double-sided LED display. NanoLumens proved to be the only display solution that was both lightweight enough to suspend in the space and able to meet high color gamut standards for retailers unwilling to compromise on the display of their signature colors. With local Kuala Lumpur integrator EWSB on board to install the technology, the Suria KLCC and NanoLumens tandem created a double-sided Performance Series display measuring 19 feet by 33.5 feet with a 4.7mm pixel pitch. Capable of rotating 359-degrees from a Dynapac rotator device, the display can be raised and lowered by a sophisticated hoist system that allows the mall to use it for floor-level product demonstrations and branding events. If you’d like to find out more about the install, download the case study here.

Seneca Niagara Resort & Casino

Casinos strive to create environments that encourage fun and games, and when New York’s Seneca Niagara Resort & Casino renovated its lobby, they realized they had an opportunity to ‘wow’ their guests with a huge digital display and engaging visual content. Enter a 64.5-foot-wide by 6-foot-tall, 2.5 mm pixel pitch NanoLumens display. Positioned behind their front lobby desk, the display captivates every visitor with high definition video and digital visuals that showcase Niagara Falls scenery and local native culture. What we enjoy most about this display is the feeling it inspires within the casino guests who engage with it. People walk into the lobby and are immediately hit with a dynamic visual experience that sets the tone for their entire time on site. Further information about this install can be found here.

Legacy Union Bank of America Tower

Legacy Union – Charlotte, NC. Partner: CeneroThe Bank of America Tower in Charlotte, North Carolina, sought a way to draw the community together into an inspiring new hub of Uptown activity. NanoLumens helped them achieve their goal by introducing into their lobby the largest native 4K display ever installed indoors. Named by SCN as one of their 2019 Installs of the Year and a finalist for both the Inavate Awards and the Digital Signage Awards, the Legacy Union install is one of this year’s most high profile display projects by any manufacturer. The 4.7mm pixel pitch NanoLumens lobby display was designed to function both as one enormous screen or several separate screens, with the most popular style splitting the display into 16 separate screens each measuring 16’ x 9’. The resolution allows for any style of modern content to be shown without reformatting or special processing, including the immersive rainbow amalgamation from Second Story dubbed “Unify,” Carolina Panthers games, and additional drone footage of Charlotte. More and more locations are integrating similar “architecture-as-art” features to bring their communities together and now the people of the Queen City have a crowning experiential visual achievement of their own to enjoy. If you’d like to find out more about the install, download the case study here.