We all know the new advantage in retail technology is digital signage, but how much of it is actually being used? Many would believe that in the world of upscale retail, modernized advertisement solutions would be the norm, but this is not the case. It turns out that even the high-end malls in retail are lacking this secret to revolutionary advertising. Many retailers are caught in the trap of using the average TV with a DVD player or printed static signage. If only more people took the leap to these newly developed systems, they would have a greater chance of generating even more sales and revenue.

NanoLumens RetailIt’s shocking to see how slowly these new digital signage systems are being embraced. Large-format displays improve the knowledge for their market by communicating clearly and visibly for their customers, while adding an entertaining element of engagement to a brand. By using this technology, customers can experience an incredibly new view, thus increasing their chances of buying the product and enforcing brand recognition.

Of course this cutting-edge technology can only generate the best ROI with the needed financial investments. In order to convince a financial manager to authorize these digital signage systems, he/she would have to decide what exactly they want to invest their money in. The significance and value of these systems aim directly towards marketing the product and generating revenue. Although it is ideal to create more sales, these systems are not always a shoe-in for instant results. Whether the retail world chooses to take the next step in marketing or not, sales revenue cycles back to customer experience, and digital signage creates just that.

How do you know if you are choosing the right display for your retail environment? Fortunately, we’ve compiled a downloadable white paper that addresses the basic questions of various display technologies. Download it by clicking here, or feel free to pick up the phone and call us with any questions at 888-771-6266, and determine if LED technology is right for your brand.