Don’t Miss It: Interconnected Webinar with the Charlotte Douglas International Airport

Don’t Miss It: Interconnected Webinar with the Charlotte Douglas International Airport

The January 16th webinar, hosted by the Manager of Customer Experience for Charlotte Douglas International Airport, will dive into the “Interconnected” centerpiece of the $2.5 billion Destination CLT project with experts from NanoLumens and Cenero

If you’ve got your eyes on the digital display industry, you’ve probably read about the NanoLumens installation in Charlotte Douglas International Airport. If you spend your days focusing on other things, you still may have caught wind of the installation, simply because of how cool it was. Now, a few months later, several of the key players from this installation are getting together again, including one of the lead decision-makers from the airport itself!

On January 16th at 2:00PM, experts from display manufacturer NanoLumens and integration firm Cenero will be joined by the Manager of Customer Experience from Charlotte Douglas International to perform a deep dive webinar on the fascinating ins and outs of the thrilling digital capstone to the $2.5 billion “Destination CLT” renovation. Already dubbed one of the Installs of the Year by System Contractor News, the massive installation, aptly named “Interconnected,” has been the subject of constant news coverage since its completion in the fall of 2018. This webinar is an effort to give interested parties as much information about the project as possible, as well as to provide a roadmap for how future airports might create their own digital masterpieces.

Each party will bring their unique perspective to the webinar, with insights on why specific decisions were made, what each team member found most challenging and inspiring, and what travelers can expect next. As our own Joe’ Lloyd said recently, “[w]hen it comes to transforming the modern travel experience, Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) has brought together a trifecta that is redefining the modern airport experience.” If air travel, digital art, display creativity, and reimagined thinking are topics that interest you, be sure to register for the webinar! The link to the registration page can be found here. We look forward to you joining us!