JFK International Airport Energizes Terminal 4 Travelers with a Remarkable Dual-Sided LED Display

JFK International Airport Energizes Terminal 4 Travelers with a Remarkable Dual-Sided LED Display

In order for a modern airport to operate successfully, travelers and guests need to be shepherded to and fro with easily communicable, highly relevant information. With so many people constantly coming and going, usually in a rush, airport management groups across the globe are always looking for innovative new ways to keep their patrons moving efficiently. One solution airports are turning to with increasing frequency is the installation of large-format LED digital displays. Global leaders like Toronto’s Pearson Airport and Singapore’s Changi Airport have incorporated these magnificent displays into their space and have reaped countless benefits.

John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City is one of the most visible airports in the world, servicing roughly 6 million travelers each year through Terminal 4 alone. Hosting over 32 international and domestic airlines carrying passengers across the globe, Terminal 4 shoulders an immense burden. New York City is the largest metropolis in the country, and while visitors and locals alike sing praises of the city itself, they often offer a long list of complaints about their travels through New York’s airports, JFK International included. To be popular, airports need to quickly and effectively communicate to travelers constant updates for flight details, weather developments, and the location of amenities. This was one area where JFK International recognized they were not quite making the grade. In order to shake off their lackluster reputation and revitalize pessimistic patrons, the managing group in charge of Terminal 4 decided upon installing a digital display to serve as the centerpiece of one of the airport’s busiest locales.

The bustling traffic of Terminal 4 was the first challenge the airport management team faced, but the sheer number of travelers wasn’t the only problem; it was also their location. Travelers moving throughout an airport are not always going to be standing still, nor will they be viewing an informative display from a single, predictable point. As a result of this fluidity and dynamism of the intended audience, the LED display needed to be cohesively viewable from a wide range of viewing angles and distances. To meet these demands, the team partnered with the global leader in LED visualization solutions, NanoLumens, who installed a magnificent 30-foot by 10-foot Nixel Series™ display right in the center of Terminal 4, and integrated it with their revolutionary AWARE® display management platform. The display is dual-sided and curved, allowing travelers can see highly relevant flight details, weather updates, and news alerts from almost anywhere in the room. The light-weight display hangs from the ceiling and is built using NanoLumens specially designed pixels, which contribute to the radically increased viewing range. The AWARE® platform allows airport management to update the display content in real-time and gives them the power to accomplish just about any display challenge they can dream up.

Though eminently useful for messaging of all kinds, these displays are far more than high-tech information delivery platforms, as they are also capable of functioning as living artwork, inspiring audiences and enchanting imaginations. Visitors to JFK International are now moving about Terminal 4 more efficiently than ever, and are finally being treated to an airport experience that matches the magic they find in the city itself. New York City is a special place, and now, thanks to the stunning NanoLumens Nixel Series™ display, so is Terminal 4 at JFK International Airport.