LED Display Content Moves Congregants at Perimeter Church

LED Display Content Moves Congregants at Perimeter Church

Much has been written about the persuasive qualities of digital signage content. Even though it’s one of the most effective tools in marketing to sell products and services to consumers, we often overlook its ability to actually move people’s hearts and souls. Immersive and vibrant visuals on LED displays can be so engaging, some might argue it has a higher purpose.

“The only word I can use to describe the experience is inspirational,” says Karen Robinson, Executive Vice President of Strategy for NanoLumens. She’s speaking about how Perimeter Church is utilizing their three LED displays to grab the attention of its congregants with a blend of modern and traditional religious imagery – even when sunlight is streaming into the sanctuary.

“Among the high resolution videos and images, they’re showing beautiful depictions of stained glass windows that rival real ones in the world’s biggest churches,” Robinson continues. “They set the mood and are a powerful reminder of how LED display content can not only sell the latest and greatest products but can also be inspirational and moving.”

The feelings described above aren’t surprising. Simply put, our brains love visuals and can process them many times faster than text. And since humans are ruled by our emotions, with the bulk of our decisions based on emotional factors rather than rational ones, utilizing LED display content for religious and social calls to action is the future for altruistic and faith-based organizations.

“I’m in the business of selling tools that create engaging environments for consumers,” says Robinson. “But even I wasn’t prepared for the way I felt seeing these digital displays used in such an uplifting way.”

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