The competition is fierce out there for the Red Rock Resort Sports Book, part of the Station Casinos family.  And according to Sports Book Review, the authority on Sportsbook ratings, “The Red Rock Resort Race & Sports Book is definitely one of the can’t miss places to go when you’re headed to Las Vegas to bet on sports. It is probably one of the best atmospheres in the world for an NFL Sunday or a college football Saturday in the entire world, as there is a wall that is 96 feet wide and 18 feet tall that literally features nothing but TVs with sports on them. Talk about having your options! All of these TVs have to make the rest of the sports books in Las Vegas cringe, knowing that there is no way that they can fit so many games on TVs at one time like the Red Rock Resort can.”

Yet, even with outstanding ratings like this, what could Red Rock Resort do that would increase revenue month over month? They upgraded their viewing options to the “finest quality LED” according to Jason McCormick, Sports Book Director at Red Rock Resort.

For anyone following a sport like horse racing, you will notice that there are simply less tracks, less horses and less races, yet after their recent upgrade, Jason and his team have seen a 10-15% month over month increase for the sport.

“Our sports book has seen growth over the last 4-5 years, but now we have gone from a ‘full book’ to standing room only, says McCormick. “We have an every game advantage that no matter how many games are being shown in unison, we can show them all – Imagine a 10-game NFL Sunday or March Madness!”

The technology offered by today’s fine pitch LED displays is reenergizing the industry by truly engaging fans in a whole new way.  “Retention is up,” says McCormick. “Our guest are not just betting and leaving for a different location, they are staying for a one-of-a-kind experience that engages them on every level from fandom to geekdom.  These displays are simply amazing, eye-catching and truly providing the wow factor.”

At the Red Rock Resort Sports Book you can find every score available to you with high resolution that is easy to read, making a day at the book, a breeze to manage. That bet is always a winner!

If you would like to read more about LED Displays and how to choose the right resolution for you, please download our white paper Pixel Pitch: What is it? Why does it matter?

~Doug Fundator
Vice President Gaming/Casinos