Obsolescence: when a technology is no longer wanted even though it may still be in good working order; and it frequently occurs because a replacement has become available that has, in sum, more advantages than the inconvenience related to repurchasing the replacement. Technology and budgets be damned!

Your flagship locations and customer engagement points deserve nothing but the best, but in a world where technology is moving faster than budgets, how can you keep up?

The typical retail environment changes every 5-7 years, and in that short time frame the elite 4MM pixel pitch direct-view LED display was relegated as “old technology” by today’s 1.25MM high resolution pixel pitch displays.  When customer engagement of this caliber is on the line, innovation is key.

The investment in LED display for today’s omnichannel environment can be costly, but there are other options such as our NanoLumens ADVANTAGE program.  This purchasing program, allows companies to refresh their technology at the pace of their business, and upgrade to a future display technology as needed.

NanoLumens ADVANTAGE is the next-generation purchasing program that makes it possible for you to renew your digital display solution while paying for it on a monthly basis. ADVANTAGE enables easy upgrades at the speed of your business. In fact, the program is designed to help businesses gain a competitive sales advantage with the latest technology while protecting against obsolescence. Other benefits include:

Securing budget approval with ease

By avoiding a large capital expenditure, NanoLumens ADVANTAGE helps you streamline the lengthy budget approval process. With fixed payments over time, you’ll avoid budget surprises.

Preserve credit limits

By using an alternative acquisition approach, you can keep your valuable credit lines open and available for use.

Realize tax benefits

In some cases, you can record NanoLumens ADVANTAGE payments as a tax deduction. (Consult with a tax accountant to determine whether or not that’s true for your business.)

Spend working capital on strategic investments

Earmark your working capital for strategic investments that will yield a high return, such expanding your brand portfolio new product development and market expansion.

Get a one-stop shop

Through NanoLumens ADVANTAGE, you can include all solution elements associated with your LED displays, including equipment, software, services and installation.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of ADVANTAGE, please join us at one of our upcoming trade shows like DSE 2016 or GlobalShop.

~Nate Remmes
VP of Corporate Development