Would you buy a car without test driving it? Then, why a buy display without seeing it? There are so many questions when it comes to purchasing large format LED display technology, that seeing is absolutely believing. From distance of viewing to appropriate pixel-pitch, only in-person will do.

From the beginnings of our company in the Greater Atlanta Area, NanoLumens has been a leader in displaying product in the digital signage industry for some of the most influential companies in the world. Knowing that only in-person would do, we created what we call a Visualization Center; incredible showroom spaces meant to inspire and better serve our customers.

These Centers help customers understand important variables of LED display technology like pixel-pitch, viewing distance, and resolution as it relates to their projects. We have the ability to work with things like brightness, color, grey scale, and more to meet specifications for a particular application. As interactivity becomes more popular, our displays are in position to test a multitude of interactive software applications right here in our facilities.

The ability to see creative content on different displays at the same time while going over the necessary variables makes the procurement process easier to digest. With experts in the industry working at our Centers, there is no shortage of knowledge on hand to assist the end user and work with them to exceed their project expectations.

The goal of these spaces is to bring about the amazing ideas that lead to amazing LED display installations. Now, with three Visualization Centers opened around the world, we hope to continue to grow these efforts and expand our presence.

We have Centers in Atlanta, GA, Las Vegas, NV, and Bath England. Las Vegas is the most recent location we have chosen to open our doors. This location strategically places the company in the West Coast providing a much greater reach across the United States.

The LED display technology that NanoLumens specializes in is a product often not understood until seen in person. A product offering like this cannot only live on the Internet. The large-scale and many unique abilities of the technology require a real-world space to truly embrace the capabilities. The Visualization Centers provide an environment to imagine, design, and test potential LED display applications. Constantly evolving and changing, these unique spaces are a hotbed of innovation showcasing everything from hardware to software.

We keep an open door policy and we welcome companies interested in LED display solutions to come into a Visualization Center and find out what NanoLumens has to offer. As a leader of LED display solutions in the United States and around the world, we strive to inspire each customer and open their minds to the near endless possibilities that LED display technology offers to digital signage. To make an appointment at any of our three Visualization Centers around world, please contact us here.

~Joey Commander
Inside Sales Engineer