Our LED displays are the best in the industry. Of this, we have no doubt. But for many of our customers, the delivery of our product is only as good as the integrator who installs it. Quite simply, we always work with our integration partners across the globe for top notch installation, service and support. And through our preferred partner program, our channel is a major part of our everyday business. Our partners know us and trust us.  At NanoLumens, we are known for integrity, and we work hard at keeping that reputation. Part of keeping our good name is making smart decisions when it comes to working with our new channel partners.

Bringing new partners into the fold is all about finding the right cultural fit. We look to answer key questions such as: Do we align with the potential partner? Does the partner specialize in a vertical that is important to our company mission? Does the partner have the right level of resources and personnel to get the job done, and do they have a solid reputation in the industry? How is the partner able to meet the needs of the customer once the installation is complete? Although there is no magic number we’re trying to hit in creating our global relationships, there is a goal and it’s all about the fit.

On the other side of the equation, our new partners tend to have a recurring thread of questions for us. Top on their list is how we train them and what level of support we provide. Since all NanoLumens projects are unique and specific to the end user, partners rightly want to know that they aren’t going to be left in the lurch during the installation process, and we pride ourselves on offering a best-in-the-industry onboarding process.

All preferred partners are required to undergo a two-day intensive training process, and we conduct this training right before their first product installation so the information is fresh and top of mind. Training is truly a hands-on process. Instead of killing our partners with PowerPoint slide decks, they actually train on the displays—breaking them and putting them back together. Finally, at the time of the actual installation, a NanoLumens project manager is always there to help guide the project, in fact, it is the same one who was assigned at the time of purchase and who sees the project all the way through completion.

For the engineers and technicians who make their livelihoods working in the digital display industry, we look forward to working with you in the spirit of innovation.  If you are interested in learning more about being a Preferred Partner please check out the program details here.