You have a fantastic idea to add revenue generating, customer attracting, brand building digital signage to your environment. It’s a self pat on the back, mental high-five moment where you know you’re going to do something amazing for your company. You set the wheels in motion and wait for the project to come to fruition. The day of installation, you’re ecstatic to see how your idea has come to life; you walk into the space to see your vision in reality, but where your great idea should have been, there’s a massive disappointment. How could this have happened? Our latest video infographic explores this common occurrence:

A visionary’s message can get garbled throughout the process of taking a vision of digital signage to an installation reality as easily as a message in a game of telephone. Like a whispered phrase passed from person to person, your idea gets passed through each person involved in your project, and can go from “i love you” to “elephant shoe” in a matter of moments. That’s when NanoLumens comes in to help; we’re in the business of taking your digital display dreams and making them a reality (and honestly, we can’t resist a project that’s a bit outside of the box), and we’re here to help you preserve your idea through each step of the process so that your installation matches the dream you had in your head.