Put Your Mind at Ease: AWARE® Has Got Your Digital Signage Network Covered

NanoLumens April 5, 2018 2960 Views 0 Comments blog

The end-users of our display solutions are experts in their organizations. All the ins and outs, all the moving pieces, all the day-to-day and week-to-week details –they know it like the back of their hands. Because they are so well versed in their internal operations, we at NanoLumens believe we should avoid disrupting that focus at all costs. We want to make our partners’ lives easier, not harder. Their reasons for incorporating display solutions into their organization are their own, but it’s certainly never because they want to add more complexities into their daily routines. Running a business is already challenging enough, so we design our display solutions to be as streamlined to operate as possible. The element that makes this possible is called AWARE, and it is our comprehensive display management platform.

The mission behind AWARE’s existence is to take the hassle out of owning and operating a display network. One of the primary concerns potential end-users have before they opt to incorporate digital display technology into their organization is who will operate it. Who is in charge of keeping track of performance? Who handles audience measurement? Who notifies relevant parties if any errors or updates occur? Display tech can be daunting, so these concerns are of course quite legitimate. Recognizing this potential pain point, NanoLumens created AWARE to be the answer to those questions. Who tracks performance? AWARE does. Who measures relevant data about audience demographics and engagement? AWARE does. Who cultivates this vast web of information into a digestible platform with easily actionable controls, accessible from anywhere in the world? AWARE does. AWARE’s expansive swath of functionality means it can function as your one-stop shop for all your display operations, setting to rest any concerns you or your team may have about unfamiliarity with display tech. We at NanoLumens are the experts in displays, and you are the experts in your organization. Thanks to AWARE, things stay like that.