Its retro night at the city’s hottest nightclub and the DJ is throwing down the most popular dance songs from the last 35 years. A steady stream of young patrons have filled the facility to its capacity while hundreds more wait outside for their chance to join the party. The music is loud, and the colored lights are nearly blinding and the drinks are flowing. Above the dance floor in a special VIP room, the club manager smiles as she looks down at her empire. Business is good.

This scene is repeated nightly across town, upstate, and throughout the world as high energy club owners have learned the economic advantages of large indoor digital signage. Night spots no longer just compete for the loudest sound system or the most impressive light shows to draw crowds and keep them coming back. Brightly colored and informative signs have become the new crowd pleasers and, thus, money in the bank.

Consider this: Bars and nightclubs attract a 20-something market segment, a very lucrative demographic that grew up in a high-tech digital world. Screens aren’t a distraction to them – it’s how they curate and disseminate information on a daily basis. Savvy owners can take advantage of that in many ways, such as:

1.  Upsell patrons on food and drinks
2.  Sell ad space to businesses that cater to the same clientele such as clothing stores and car dealerships
3.  Promote upcoming club events, thereby encouraging repeat visits
4.  Display trivia, sports scores and other information
5.  Play music videos and crowd shots from dance floor cameras
6.  Mixed-use facilities can use LED displays as a selling point to organizations looking for daytime meeting and convention space.

NanLumens, the world leader in digital media, has an energy-efficient line of digital display solutions, available in any size or shape imaginable, and adaptable to any curvature.  Some would even call them sexy. It’s time bars and clubs moved beyond the bargain flat screen TVs from the big box stores and invested in something much more versatile and a lot more eye-catching – indoor digital displays from NanoLumens.

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