It is important for media companies to promote a certain image of themselves in order to drive interest in their programming. This becomes particularly important when that programming itself is designed to drive interest in particular lifestyles. It is square in this corner where Scripps Networks Interactive finds itself. A leading provider of lifestyle television and digital programming, Scripps controls well known channels like the Food Network and the Travel Channel, stations that dedicate much of their airtime to shows that promote creativity and thinking outside the box. As the parent company in charge of these stations, Scripps recognized they needed to revamp their image to reinforce credibility as providers of this sort of lifestyle content. A video screen was key.

A Video Screen in Lobbies Make Statements. What Does Yours Say?

By 2017, Scripps realized the lobby of their Knoxville, Tennessee headquarters had grown stale. Years had passed since the last upgrade to the lobby’s video screen technology, leaving employees, clients, and guests with an unflattering first impression of Scripps that felt inconsistent with the energetic nature of their programming. Scripps naturally has an appreciation for the power of impressive visuals, so they began their lobby renovation by onboarding a team of integration experts from Whitlock, a leading video collaboration company. In the analysis of Whitlock Account Executive Erica Fox, “As a space where employees, guests and clients pass through every day, the Scripps Networks headquarters lobby should represent the hip and forward-thinking culture of the media company.”

Fox and her Whitlock team analyzed the logistics of the project and found it presented a variety of challenges. First, the ground-floor lobby was enclosed by soaring two story windows. Sunlight streaming through these windows and filling the lobby with light makes for an attractive space, but it certainly makes the job of a digital display much harder. Whitlock knew they needed a video screen bright enough to compete. Another challenge presented by the project was that Scripps really wanted a piece of tech that would remain cutting-edge for several years down the line, a big ask for an industry that evolves rapidly.

Ambient Light and Longevity: Two Consistent Challenges

Whitlock recognized NanoLumens was the best display manufacturer for the job. Having worked with us before, the Whitlock team knew that our video screens were unparalleled in brightness and durability, and that we could be relied on to provide a display solution that accomplished exactly what Scripps hoped for. We worked with Whitlock to outfit the Scripps Networks Interactive lobby with a NanoLumens Nixel Series™ video display that measures 15.5 feet wide by 8 feet tall and features a 1.2mm pixel pitch. The display is networked with a management platform that allows the Scripps team to adjust content on the fly to deliver engaging viewing experiences like live presentations and direct television streams of their programming.

“Scripps Networks Interactive is a visionary organization that leads in the lifestyle content industry, and with our product they now have a leading visual system at their headquarters to match,” said Eric Seigler, the Regional Sales Director leading the project from the NanoLumens side. The Scripps lobby is the first thing people will see when they enter the company’s headquarters; now, the first thing they experience there will be an amazing visual feature that forwards the company’s image as a dynamic media provider. To read more about companies integrating LED into their lobbies, continue to this page.