From the Stone Age to the Digital Age: The Advantage of Partnerships

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From the Stone Age to the Digital Age: The Advantage of Partnerships

Humans are inherently hunters and gatherers. From the moment our distant ancestors crawled from a pool of primordial sludge, they made it their business to seek out the things they needed and wanted. Eventually some crafty and enterprising types modified this survival instinct by learning the benefits of hunting and gathering for others and selling or trading those goods for a profit. Seriously, who wanted to leave the safe confines of a cave and climb that tree for bananas when you could just pay someone else to run out into the sabre-tooth tiger infested jungle and do it for you? Call it arbitrage or call it capitalism but the proverbial ‘middle man’ has been with us since the dawn of time.

I indulge in a little bit of this myself. Each weekend my 8 year old daughter and I travel the dusty back roads of metro Atlanta in search of treasures at thrift stores and yard sales. With the help of keen eyes and a trusty barcode scanner (a modern day bone-handled tool), we can quickly determine the worth of things on any number of online marketplaces. If the profit margin is high enough (real money, not shells and rocks), we negotiate with the caveman-types who own the items, purchase them and reap the profits from Amazon and E-bay buyers. I’m the middle man in this case. I haven’t yet found Action Comics #1, the Superman comic book that recently sold for over 3 million bucks, but I just may have other rare books, DVDs, toys and electronics you can’t find in stores anymore.

This business model is present in almost every industry. At NanoLumens, we work with multiple partners – resellers and integrators – who contract us to fulfill their client’s indoor LED display needs. To that end we recently opened a cave/portal, a section of our website were companies we work with can gather information for their project needs. From case studies and white papers to project quotes, our intent is to host a one-stop information marketplace to better inform preferred partners of what we can offer them and who they can speak with to make their project needs perfectly clear.

In modern society, colleges, casinos, auditoriums and other places people gather have replaced caves. But in a sense, indoor LED displays are the much higher tech descendants of ancient cave art. They pretty-up the place, communicate important messages about the culture of your clan or tribe and elicit plenty of ‘oohs and ahhs’ (grunts, if you will.)


Stone age digital display. This was state-of-the-art 70,000 years ago.

If you’re interested in partnering with us, click here. We can open a new world of elegant, simple, and energy-efficient digital display solutions for you, available in any size or shape, and adaptable to any curvature and architecture.

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