TAG Field Trip to NanoLumens

//TAG Field Trip to NanoLumens

TAG Field Trip to NanoLumens

Last Wednesday, Technology Association of Georgia, our local chapter of Tech America, came to visit us here at NanoLumens, for an evening filled with tours, sneak peeks, and fun.

We began the field trip with guided tours of our facility; where members of our team gave the audience a chance to see what goes on behind the scenes here at NanoLumens headquarters.

The tour gave our visitors a first-hand look at how our displays are created, from concept to creation. We began by visiting the ‘Think Tank,’ also known as the engineering wing. This is where our displays are first dreamed up, sketched out, and designed, before they enter prototyping. After our engineers spend hours, days, and sometimes even months in the pre-process planning, displays then leave the ‘Think Tank’ and enter production. Our tour followed suit. This is where the magic comes to life. The builders and engineers begin taking their ideas off of paper and begin building working prototypes. The team works hard to perfect each part, which results in products we are proud to call NanoLumens displays.

The third stop on the tour was the calibration room. Here our visitors learned about what calibration is, why it is important, and what the process looks like. We then showed them a display before and after calibration so they could see the difference it makes.

We concluded the tour in our 6,000 ft. showroom in order to tie all the stops together, and leave our guests with a lasting impression of the award-winning innovation that NanoLumens is all about. As indicated by the fascination on our visitors faces, the full NanoLumens product line on display did just that; captivating them with child-like wonder.

Over 60 TAG members stopped by to enjoy and soak in all of what NanoLumens has to offer. We also had Bruce and Susan Keenan, Directors of the Himalayan Children’s Charity join us for the event. At NanoLumens we are strong believers in helping others and we took the opportunity to encourage our visitors to give back as well.

It seems everyone that attended the TAG Field Trip learned the evolution of NanoLumens Displays, and it was remarkable to see such an astonishing number join us to explore our Nano world. Not only was the night fun for the entire NanoLumens team, but it was a great time with all of our fellow TAG members as well. From everyone here at NanoLumens, thank you for letting us share our passion with you.