Taking Casino Meters to the Next Level

Taking Casino Meters to the Next Level

No matter how sophisticated the technology gets within the gaming industry, it doesn’t appear to affect the longevity of the tried-and-true casino meter. Those basic signs hovering over slot machine banks with their large jackpot totals have been luring avid gamblers for decades. They still work so, therefore, don’t go out of style. But, just because the casino meter has been around since the days of shag carpet doesn’t mean that they need to look like they are straight out of an old episode of “That 70s Show.” It’s time to give the casino meter a modern day facelift – and make it more versatile, too.

Trying to freshen up the casino meter isn’t new. Ten years ago, lots of really smart people were trying to figure out how to make the meters have a different look. The most common approach was to cut an LCD monitor down to the size of the standard casino meter. But, this wasn’t a great solution because the LCDs didn’t have the right level of brightness. And, the one thing a casino meter needs to do is to be visible for players to see and read from clear across the casino floor.

Casino meters need to be bold. They need to be “in your face.” And since neon signs went out with the shag carpeting, casinos need technology that lets the meters have a sleeker, sexy design and is more in-keeping with the aesthetics of 2016. The solution to this problem is LED displays.

LEDs bring the brightness. The small pixel pitch (4mm!) of LED displays allows casinos to have the brightness they need while providing the capability of doing much nicer graphics. And, everything is in full color – complete RGB. The vibrancy and brightness breathes new life into these meters.

LEDs are also flexible. They allow casinos to intersperse advertising and other messages on the casino meter, along with the all-important jackpot total. It can be used as a full graphics display, not just a running odometer. And, casino meters by NanoLumens are plug and play. Casinos can plug in whatever media player they want and aren’t strapped to one particular gaming system. NanoLumens’s casino meters are an off-the-shelf solution that fits all industry standards. It’s like plugging in a TV!

And perhaps the best part? The price. NanoLumens’ casino meters are about a third of the cost of our competitors. If you want to find out how NanoLumens’ casino meters can improve your gaming floor, checkout our recent work here.

~Doug Fundator
Vice President, Gaming/Casinos

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