The Dawn of the Era of Digital Wallpaper

The Dawn of the Era of Digital Wallpaper

The era of digital wallpaper has arrived in all of its Technicolor glory… I know “spare me the cliché”, right?

Imagine you’re walking through a corridor in a corporate lobby immersed in a beautiful flowing nature scene of a creek breaking along the edge of a wood.  When suddenly, you realize that the frogs on the lily pads along the edge of the creek dove to safety as you walked by – leaving a few colliding ripples as their unmanned former perches gently rock back to a peaceful state.  Did they see you coming?  Was it a mere coincidence of timing?  Did that really just happen?  You’re either hallucinating due to yesterday’s questionable dietary selection, or you just experienced the next level of interactive display environment, carefully crafted to engage you as you move through what used to be a very sterile and often predictable environment.

Today’s advances in digital display technology are positioning LED displays to offer unprecedented creative opportunities to the design community.  Gone are the days when experiential architects and interior designers were confined to boring, flat rectangles and video walls, standing out in an otherwise well-thought-out “organic” environment.  Today’s LED displays can be crafted into virtually and size, shape or curvature.  And, they are so light and thin, they can be embedded into walls and virtually disappear; only coming to life or interacting with their audience when triggered.  This newfound flexibility and adaptability gives designers a new and potent tool to realizing their artistic visions; a new texture capable of complimenting even some of the most subtle, inviting built environments.

Architects around the world are embracing this creative freedom. Prominent venues like the Pacific Fair Mall in Australia, Canada’s largest sports retailer Sport Chek who has opened multiple “digital flagship” locations across the country and the TD Garden, home to the Boston Bruins and Boston Celtics are showcasing NanoLumens’ latest digital displays.  Major corporations are embracing them as well.  You’d be hard pressed to find a financial institution or Silicon Valley tech company that hasn’t embraced digital wallpaper as part of the environmental design of common areas in the modern buildings they call home.  And you certainly won’t find a world-class airport that hasn’t begun modernizing with the use of creative digital textures.

The NanoLumens success story is a great read, and it’s still being written, fueled by the imaginations of our clients and the collective creative genius brought forth by the talented rosters of design consultants and architects they charge with exceeding their visions.  Worldwide, these creative minds have continued to push the limits of current technology and continue to demand endless innovation.  We pride ourselves on being up to the task.  Within our four walls you’ll find some of the most accomplished and brightest minds in optical technologies, engineered systems and computer sciences, molded together into an unrivaled product development group bent on continuous reinvention.

Dan Rossborough
Director, Strategic Projects

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