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The Evolution of Audiovisual Experiences in Transportation

Joey Davis June 20, 2018 4093 Views 0 Comments blog

AVIXA Mentions Four Signature NanoLumens Transportation Installations

The transportation industry is inherently one of the most dynamic spaces for AV pros to make their mark. Hubs like airports and ground transport centers are designed to get travelers from Point A to Point B, and often the most efficient way to do so is to empower these travelers with immediate access to all the information they need. Certainly there are employees available to assist travelers who get confused, but ultimately the goal of these transportation hubs is to have their passengers move about on their own. Achieving that goal naturally requires communication, and there is no AV technology better equipped to engage audiences with actionable information than large-format LED signage. Our LED display solutions are among the brightest on the market and have the clarity, flexibility, and off-axis viewability to communicate information to audiences at almost any distance and at any viewing angle. This keeps passengers moving efficiently and intentionally, which in turn keeps the airport itself running smoothly and safely.

AVIXA, a leading voice in the audiovisual space, recently recognized several of our installations an independent piece of content that illustrates the evolution of AV tech within the transportation industry. AV technology has long been essential in delivering a positive travel experience and with this white paper AVIXA makes clear that the role of digital signage in particular is only going to expand as transportation centers search for ways to become more experiential and immersive. In detailing how forward-thinking transportation hubs across the world have integrated AV tech into their spaces, AVIXA praises several LED signage installations by NanoLumens, including, among others, our massive feature in Singapore’s Changi Airport. To download the exciting white paper, follow this link here. To read more detailed breakdowns of our installations, explore our coverage here.