If you are a follower of the DOOH industry, you have undoubtedly heard the phrase “The Next Generation of Digital Signage” tossed around quite a bit and for quite some time. Here at NanoLumens, we started writing about where the digital signage industry is going over a year ago…and we were musing about it long before that blog was even written. So, what exactly is this “next generation”? Aren’t we in it by now?

brazil2slimOur vision of where the industry is headed is based on our experience as designers and manufacturers, as well as projections from industry professionals. We previously referenced studies such as this one which predicts that 22 million digital signs will be active by 2015. And the study released by ABI Research which suggests that the global market for digital signage will grow to almost $4.5 billion in 2016.  Studies like these reassure us that digital signage is thriving in a variety of markets.

With all of that being said, this latest study that we stumbled upon is an interesting new factor in the wake of the success of the “Next Generation”. Digital Signage Today published an article stating that up to $2.3 billion dollars is wasted annually on digital signage not being used to its full potential. The calculations are being based on lost opportunities in the advertising sector as a result of these displays simply not catching the eye of their target market.

The numbers and our experience in the Digital Signage Industry prove that plenty of displays are being installed and will continue to be installed. So, as a digital display provider, how is NanoLumens ensuring that our clients get the most out of their digital displays and don’t fall into this $2.3 billion dollar pit?

From the beginning of our relationships with clients we ensure that there is a defined objective in place and that placement is being used. During the installation we offer education and certification. And after the installation we offer tips on getting the most out of your content and using the best typeface for LED.

Client relationships are the pulse of our company…our repeat business and customer feedback prove it. In the height of the “Next Generation of Digital Signage” we are committed to providing not only the most innovative displays, but also the kind of service that keeps your company from falling into the $2.3 billion pit. If you want to implement advertising into your space with a high ROI, or have a specific project in mind, contact us by clicking here or calling 1-888-771-NANO (6266).