The One and Only Real Curved LED Displays

//The One and Only Real Curved LED Displays

The One and Only Real Curved LED Displays

From the flagship locations of your favorite retailers to the corporate campuses of the most iconic brands, curved LED displays are making a major impact. But the simple fact remains: there is only one real curve. In the wild, the vast majority of these curved digital displays aren’t really curved at all. They are instead a series of flat panels faceted together to look curved. And many of these digital displays are, in the words of Cher from the movie “Clueless,” Monets: Like Monet’s paintings, they look good from afar – but far from good close up. Instead of being one, smooth curved surface, they are a series of flat rectangles faceted together, which is the reason they look lousy up close. Even from fifteen to twenty feet away, the facets are visible.

What’s worse is that the word “curved” is bandied about in the LED word as if it’s common for every manufacturer to have a truly curved display. The fact of the matter is, none of them manufacture truly curved displays or own the IP to do so. Every single competitor out there, except for NanoLumens, tries to make flat rectangles look like curves and waves. Buyers wanting truly curved displays must be educated on the difference and request more information and visuals before making a capital investment.

The secret to NanoLumens’ truly curved display technology is the Nixel™, our flexible building block for all NanoLumens Nixel Serie™ displays.This patented technology is flexible for both convex and concave curves and bends with the curvature of the display, creating a truly curved display with no gapes or facets and with superior viewing angles. The end result is a better horizon view with no black or loss of visibility up to 180 degrees. The Nixel™ technology is actually NanoLumens’ intellectual property and a competitive advantage we are proud to claim. Buyers who are looking for curved displays should be aware that when purchasing curved displays from another manufacturer, you could be buying a cheaper product of less quality that infringes on intellectual property rights.

When up close viewing matters, when the unique spaces formally relegated to static signage matters and when only the best and most unique will do, NanoLumens has the one and only real curve. Because this groundbreaking technology is ours and ours alone, we have developed the ability to make LED displays in any size, shape, and curvature. To find out how NanoLumens can create the perfect curved display for you, please contact us here.

~Doug Price
Vice President of Systems Engineering

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