As the primary transportation hubs of the cities they serve, airports depend on the ability to provide travelers with engaging and highly relevant information about where they are and where they need to go. The smooth operation of airports necessitates that flight details, weather updates, and the location of amenities are communicated to travelers swiftly and effectively, so that they leave the airport having had an efficient, enjoyable, entertaining, and educational experience. One solution that airports across the globe are using to accomplish this goal is with LED displays. These electrifying displays inspire consumers, inform travelers, and enchant imaginations, driving communication forward in this age of rapid technological innovation.

The largest and busiest airport in Canada, Toronto Pearson Airport functions as the flagship of Canadian air travel across the continent. Toronto Pearson is responsible for nearly half a million flights annually, and transports roughly 44 million passengers a year to destinations all over the globe. To keep pace with the shifting needs of today’s consumers, airport management set out to transform their terminals into memorable experiences rather than just drab hallways to pass through on the way in and out of the city.

Toronto Pearson partnered with NanoLumens and ICON to develop and install a structure that would capture travelers’ attention and serve as an inspiring first impression for the spectacular city of Toronto. Today, the structure NanoLumens and ICON dreamed up is known as “The Flower,” and is composed of four LED backlit “petals” that arch up and out from its center. Each petal is outfitted with a 6’x12’ NanoLumens curved 5.4 mm pixel pitch display that matches the petal’s arch, and changes color and brightness depending on the season and time of day. Travelers passing through Terminal 1 of Toronto Pearson are not just struck by the beauty of The Flower, but also by its practicality. On each of the dazzling LED displays, passengers are able to find information on their flights, the weather, and recent happenings throughout the airport.

The Flower also functions as a central meeting area for passengers to interact with each other. Airport management attests that “Let’s meet at the Flower” is among the most common phrases they hear throughout the halls of the terminal. As the gateway to Canada’s largest city, it was imperative for Toronto Pearson to uphold the welcoming image of efficiency, artistic innovation, and cultural vibrancy that defines Toronto. In that pursuit, the success of The Flower is clear.

To read more about Toronto Pearson and NanoLumens’ work on The Flower, check out our case study.

~Martin Leclerc
Regional Sales Manager, Canada