About 15 years ago, as I sat in my apartment watching a Bears vs. Lions game I realized something was just not right.  You see, I had an old (and defective) television, and that TV would only display two colors — magenta and cyan.  So there I was, Bears in magenta and the Lions rocking a strong cyan.  I learned two valuable lessons:
1.Erik Kramer looks terrible in magenta
2.The power of color on your psychology (I didn’t make it to halftime)
Erik Kramer
Color psychology and the study of color effects on human behavior (and mood) have been discussed as far back as ancient Egyptian civilizations.  Seriously, it is believed the Egyptians used chromo-therapy, or using colors to heal the sick.  Most of us have probably been exposed to the theory in a marketing or psychology class somewhere along the way.  There are obvious cultural biases that discredit the study as an all-encompassing axiom, but generally we connect colors to the following emotions:
1.Red = strong emotion, love, passion
2.Yellow = joy, communication, and for some reason makes babies cry
3.Blue = peace, calm, security
4.Orange = caution, enthusiasm
5.Green = money, nature, growth
You may or may not be using your digital display for branding or advertising, but I can tell you from personal experience—you are going to want your display to show colors as accurately as possible.  NanoLumens displays can achieve more, and truer colors, than any projector or LCD display on the market.  Come on by our showroom – let’s watch a Bears game; nobody will be wearing magenta.

And as a side note, I claim the first Blog ever written to reference both, Erik Kramer and an ancient African civilization!

Photo Via Flickr CC