Unlocking New Profits through LED Displays

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Unlocking New Profits through LED Displays

It’s a digital world. Everywhere you look, multimedia display screens are creating immersive experiences. From sports arenas to office buildings to billboards to airports and shopping malls, this $2 billion business is growing at a rapid 15% according to a recent IHS marketplace report. This growth means opportunity. Digital displays can be leveraged to reach new customers wherever they are, providing an opportunity to unlock sales and elevate brands.

The growth of this industry is being driven by three factors. First, LED technology offers a level of clarity, brightness, and depth than any other form of displays.  Second, the cost of LED technology is affordable and attainable, and the devises are inexpensive to maintain. Digital displays consume 25% less power and produce 15% of the heat as LCD screens. Finally, advanced LED technology is lightweight and flexible, and they can be put almost anywhere through a quick and painless installation process.

All of these factors make LED displays attractive for advertisers.  Intel says that last year, there were 10 million media players nationwide, powering 22 million digital screens. And, millennials, the nation’s largest demographic group, is paying attention. Nielsen reports that seventy percent of 18-to-24 year olds say they are aware of digital signage they’ve seen in the last 12 months. Norman McLeod, Director of Market Research at technology research and consulting firm, InfoTrends, believes that a well-designed system with good content can provide a return on investment within 18 months. That’s a strong case for increased adoption of LED-based products.

There is also good news for AV integrators. LED displays are more profitable than other forms of technology. Median profit margins tend to hover around 3.5% for this industry, leaving very little wiggle room to provide benefits like service after the sale. But since LED technology is lightweight and flexible, and the screens are easier to install than traditional video walls, integrators can capture more business from this growing market and complete installations faster, leading to growing revenue.

The brilliance and versatility of LED displays can unlock revenue and elevate the client conversation in a way never thought possible. Show a potential client how you can bring their brand to life in an immersive environment that will increase buy-in from employees and customers alike, and you could see your own brand value rise. As the market for immersive digital environments continues to grow, LED technology is the clear path to greater opportunities for bigger profits. No longer merely another tool in an integrator’s belt, LED has emerged as the leading medium for merging client and integrator interests. If you would like to learn more about how to increase your integrator profits, please check out our white paper Unlocking Integrator Profits Is As Easy As L-E-D.

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