Weathering the Storm With NanoLumens Digital Signage

Weathering the Storm With NanoLumens Digital Signage

Here at NanoLumens we pride ourselves on building versatile, rugged outdoor displays that are capable of handling a wide range of performance conditions. We understand that inclement weather will not stop our partners from operating their businesses, so we make it a priority that our displays won’t stop working either. We design our outdoor visualization solutions to withstand hurricane-level conditions and build them without a need for internal environmental controls. To make our displays more versatile and easier to adjust, the displays are front installable and serviceable for ease, and are protected by a comprehensive, industry-leading six-year warranty.

American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida, home of the Miami Heat, recently relayed a testament to the durability of the NanoLumens Nixel Series™ displays, noting via email that the displays installed outside their Xfinity East Plaza have reliably held up at 100% functionality against all inclement weather they have faced. With the NBA season right around the corner, Miami Heat fans visiting the American Airlines Arena will be met as always by the stunning NanoLumens displays that dominate and define the arena’s lively outdoor gathering space. It is worth noting that while we are always pleased to hear from our partners that our displays endured any storms, we aren’t necessarily surprised.

These NanoLumens displays installed at the East are engineered to stand up to almost anything Mother Nature can deliver, from extreme temperatures to hurricane-force winds and rains with a weather protection rating of IP65. This rating quantifies the degree of protection electrical equipment provides against the ingress of substances like dirt, dust, and water. The first number (6, here), indicates the level of effectiveness against solids like dust, while the second (5) represents protection against liquids. In this case, our rating of IP65 classifies our displays as protected against the highest level of dust and debris ingress and the second highest level of liquid ingress short of immersion. Essentially, this rating confirms what our partners already know; when you install a NanoLumens display, you know it’s going to work in almost any condition. To learn more about our outdoor displays, check out further details on the installations at American Airlines Arena here.

~Arch Nelson
Regional Sales Manager

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