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Our Brand Guidelines

Brand Guidelines.

Our Personality
Brands are like people: they have a personality that is expressed in what they say and do. It’s also what distinguishes brands from each other.
Our Logo
This is our logo, the one that should always be used. There are two versions to ensure optimum legibility.
Main Logo.
This is the main Nanolumens logo. It should be used in this form whenever possible.
Inverted Logo.
This version in white works well on dark and busy backgrounds.
Exclusive Zone.
Make sure that text or other design elements do not encroach upon the logo. The marked space should always be given to let the logo ‘breathe’, free from distraction.
Minimum Reproduction Size.
In the primary logo format, a minimum size must be adhered to so that legibility is retained. In exceptional circumstances where space is below the recommended size, adjustments may have to be made to balance the shape and visibility.
We use Roobert Light for headlines to keep the larger text elegant and simple. Regular is used for body copy to optimize legibility; this weight is more hardworking to convey the “main” message. Together, the two weights contrast and complement the visual and verbal dynamic of our copy.
Roobert Light
Roobert Regular

Brilliance is at the heart of what we do and we use color intentionally in our visual assets.

Nanolumens' Gradients
We go for a palette of neutrals that conveys a sense of weight and seriousness, but opt for color to add vibrancy. We don’t show color as a static tool, but in a spectrum because Nanolumens is dynamic, creative, and imaginative.

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