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NanoLumens Insights on Digital Signage and the AV Industry

Introductory content on video walls, digital signage trends, and technology in the AV Industry.

OLED (and Other Things): A Series of Questions Asked and Answered Concerning LED and OLED

LED, LCD, ULED, OLED, HDR, DLP, AV. This alphabet soup can get confusing if you aren’t immersed in the terminology on a day to day basis and one of the most common mix ups occurs with the phrases LED and OLED. Let’s clear up some of this confusion by asking and answering some questions about these evolving display types.

Don’t Buy The Cow: How Servicizing Supersizes Value And Accessibility

LED displays as a service enable customers to work around hurdles that often derail visualization projects. An affordable and predictable monthly payment replaces an upfront capital expense, experts integrate management software and remain on call to provide support and training, and upgrades in hardware over time ensure the technology won’t grow obsolete. By the end of this paper, readers will have a strong understanding of how our VAAS solution works in practice, why consumers are right to increasingly demand such a service option, and why manufacturers are bullish on its viability in the digital display industry.

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